Affordable Safe & Secure Mobility Evolution

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ASSUME provides a seamless engineering methodology for delivering trustworthy new mobility assistance functions on multi and many core architectures. The problem is addressed on the constructive and on the analysis side. For efficient construction and synthesis of embedded systems, the project provides new tools, standards and a methodology to cover most of the challenges by design. In addition, ASSUME provides a well-integrated sound static analysis solution that allows proving the absence of problems even in a multi -core environment. New algorithms will be integrated in exploitable tools. New interoperability standards and requirements formalization standards will facility tools and market player cooperation.  The ASSUME consortium includes leading European industry partners for mobility solutions, tool and service providers for embedded system development as well as leading research institutes for static analysis for model-driven and traditional embedded systems development.

Björn Lisper, Professor

Room: U1-091
Phone: +46-21-151709