SafeCOP - Safe Cooperating Cyber-Physical Systems using Wireless Communication



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SafeCOP (Safe Cooperating Cyber-Physical Systems using Wireless Communication) will establish a safety assurance approach, a platform architecture, and tools for cost-efficient and practical certification of cooperating cyber-physical systems (CO-CPS). 

SafeCOP targets safety-related CO-CPS characterized by use of wireless communication, multiple stakeholders, dynamic system definitions, and unpredictable operating environments. In this scenario, no single stakeholder has the overall responsibility over the resulted system-of-systems.

SafeCOP will provide an approach to the safety assurance of CO-CPS, enabling thus their certification and development. The project will define a platform architecture and will develop methods and tools, which will be used to produce safety assurance evidence needed to certify cooperative functions. SafeCOP will extend current wireless technologies to ensure safe and secure cooperation. SafeCOP will also contribute to new standards and regulations, by providing certification authorities and standardization committees with the scientifically validated solutions needed to craft effective standards extended to also address cooperation and system-of-systems issues.

SafeCOP brings clear benefits in terms of cross-domain certification practice and implementations of cooperating systems in all addressed areas: automotive, maritime, healthcare and robotics. The advantages include lower certification costs, increased trustworthiness of wireless communication, better management of increasing complexity, reduced effort for verification and validation, lower total system costs, shorter time to market and increased market share.

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A Safety-Centric Change Management Framework by Tailoring Agile and V-Model Processes (Aug 2018)
Omar Jaradat, Abdallah Salameh
36th International System Safety Conference (ISSC 2018)

Using Safety Contracts to Verify Design Assumptions During Runtime (Jun 2018)
Omar Jaradat, Sasikumar Punnekkat
23rd International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe 2018 (Ada-Europe-2018 )

Tool-Supported Safety-Relevant Component Reuse: From Specification to Argumentation (Jun 2018)
Irfan Sljivo, Barbara Gallina, Jan Carlson, Hans Hansson, Stefano Puri
23rd International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe 2018 (Ada-Europe-2018 )

A Traffic Aware Segment-based Routing protocol for VANETs in urban scenarios (May 2018)
Saifullah Khan , Muhammad Alam , Martin Fränzle , Nils Müllner, Yuanfang Chen
Computers & Electrical Engineering (CAEE)

Practical 3-D Beam Pattern Based Channel Modeling for Multi-Polarized Massive MIMO Systems (Apr 2018)
Saeid Aghaeinezhadfirouzja , Hiu Liu , Ali Balador
Sensors Journal (Sensors)

Supporting Beacon and Event-Driven Messages in Vehicular Platoons through Token-Based Strategies (Mar 2018)
Ali Balador, Elisabeth Uhlemann, Carlos T. Calafate , Juan-Carlos Cano
Sensors Journal (Sensors)