MOMENTUM: analysis of models towards compilation to predictable embedded real-time and safety-critical applications



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Due to the increasing complexity of software systems, model-driven engineering has been introduced to shift the developer's focus from machine-centric program code to human-centric models of the software under development. In model-driven approaches, program code in conventional programming languages (e.g., C++, Java) is commonly generated from models and then compiled or interpreted. Intermediate translation of models to program code raises two fundamental issues: 1) semantic inconsistency and information loss between an executable and its source model, and 2) suboptimality of executables, since compilers are unable to fully exploit modelling language's semantics. These issues are not tolerable in embedded real-time and safety-critical applications.

In MOMENTUM we provide methods to analyse and optimise industrial models, defined in the Unified Modeling Language (UML), in order to make them directly compilable to optimised executables without intermediate translations to conventional programming languages.

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A Generic Approach to Efciently Parallelize Legacy Sequential Software (Apr 2018)
Andreas Granholm , Federico Ciccozzi
15th International Conference on Information Technology : New Generations (ITNG'18)

MoVES: a Model-driven methodology for Vehicular Embedded Systems (Jan 2018)
Alessio Bucaioni, Lorenzo Addazi , Antonio Cicchetti, Federico Ciccozzi, Romina Eramo , Saad Mubeen, Mikael Sjödin
Journal of IEEE Access (Access'18)

Characterization of trade-off preferences between non-functional properties (Oct 2017)
Ulrik Franke , Federico Ciccozzi
Elsevier Journal on Information Systems (IS)

Towards Seamless Hybrid Graphical-Textual Modelling for UML and Profiles (Jul 2017)
Lorenzo Addazi , Federico Ciccozzi, Philip Langer , Ernesto Posse
13th European Conference on Modelling Foundations and Applications (ECMFA 2017)

Towards a model compilation framework based on a unified model execution semantics (May 2017)
Federico Ciccozzi
39th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE17)

Engineering the Software of Robotic Systems (May 2017)
Federico Ciccozzi, Davide Di Ruscio , Ivano Malavolta , Patrizio Pelliccione , Jana Tumova
39th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE17)

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