PANORAMA - Boosting Design Efficiency for Heterogeneous³ Systems



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The goal of PANORAMA is to research model-based methods and tools to master development of heterogeneous embedded hardware/software systems in collaboration with diverse and heterogeneous parties by providing best practice, novel analysis approaches, and guidance for development. To that end, the main line of action is geared to extending the scope and interoperability of current system level analysis approaches, particularly by enhancing existing abstract performance meta-models. The enhanced meta-model and the related tool framework will be a common and open platform to support collaborative development.

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From AMALTHEA to RCM and Back: a Practical Architectural Mapping Scheme (Aug 2020)
Alessio Bucaioni, Matthias Becker, John Lundbäck , Harald Mackamul
46th Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (SEAA 2020)

Architecting and Analysing Connected Autonomous Vehicles (Mar 2020)
Alessio Bucaioni, Patrizio Pelliccione , Saad Mubeen

MoVES Meets the Real World Automotive Benchmarks (Feb 2020)
Alessio Bucaioni, Saad Mubeen
21st IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT'20)

On Model-based Development of Embedded Software for Evolving Automotive E/E Architectures (Jan 2020)
Alessio Bucaioni, John Lundbäck , Mikael Sjödin, Saad Mubeen
17th International Conference on Information Technology : New Generations (ITNG'20)

Modelling and Timing Analysis of Real-time Applications on Evolving Automotive E/E Architectures using Rubus-ICE (Dec 2019)
Alessio Bucaioni, John Lundbäck , Mattias Gålnander , Kurt-Lennart Lundbäck , Mohammad Ashjaei, Matthias Becker, Saad Mubeen
Open Demo Session of Real-Time Systems 2019 (RTSS@Work'19)

Bringing MoVES Towards Consolidated Electrical/Electronic Automotive Architectures (Aug 2019)
Alessio Bucaioni, Saad Mubeen
Work in Progress Session of the Euromicro DSD/SEAA 2019 conference (WIP-SEAA)

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