Volvo Group Arena



The aim of the Volvo Group Arena (VGA) within MDH is to create a workplace for thesis and project students, researchers, and partner employees. The VGA is intended to serve as a venue for knowledge transfer and places for interactions between students and researchers of different backgrounds, as well as between the different industrial partners.


2021-04-24 In the context of the TRUSTCM project, a paper was published using the data collected from Volvo Simulators.

2020-05-25 Ph.D. student Moses Mariajoseph, in the context of the IMMERSAFE project, published a paper using the data collected from Volvo Simulators.

2020-04-26 Master students Robert Glaes and Munir Abdelwasie Mohamed have used the Volvo Simulators to test their path planning algorithm for an autonomous wheel loader.

2020-03-11 Master students, Joel Garbers and Ingo Andersson started to use the Volvo Simulators in the context of machines' teleoperation to answer the following questions, what is required for an operator to confidently remote control 3 different types of heavy machines from the same platform? and how do we validate the result?

2020-02-29 Nouri Baher started an internship within the project for four months (extended for two months).

2020-02-18 New agreement regarding the work at Volvo Group Arena (VGA) at MDH.

2020-02-03 Volvo Simulators will be used to demonstrate the SUCCESS project (you can see all that’s been achieved by @AAIP_York during 2019 in their annual review).

2020-01-20 Master student Pavle Mrvaljevic will use AdaptiveFlow to check the safety and performance properties of collaborating autonomous heavy machines using Volvo Simulators at MDH.

2019-12-19 Ph.D. student Moses Mariajoseph started, in the context of the IMMERSAFE project, to run experiments using Volvo Simulators to collect physiological signals in order to build an attention model of the driver in an augmented automotive environment.









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