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Information today is increasingly stored in computers (technical instructions, documentation, FAQs, guidelines, tutorials, experience etc). This is an advantage if the user is able to find the information needed quickly, but with increasing amounts of computer-stored information and information of different quality and relevance, the time and accuracy demands for identification and retrieval increases. Adapting the media content and the selection of appropriate documents in accordance with the preferences of the current user - i.e. personalisation - promises focused and individualised information. However, current personalisation techniques are far from optimal, often requiring impatient users to fill out forms or explicitly rank items of interest. The IMPLY project addresses these issues using information filtering, Case-Based Reasoning, probabilistic inference, user models and knowledge representation in order to create intelligent knowledge management.
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Peter Funk Professor

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Intelligent Human Computer Collaboration (HCC) (Mar 2002)
Peter Funk
GWEM2002, German Workshop on Experience Management

Artificial Intelligence Techniques, the key to Flexible and Adaptive Internet and Intranet Applications (Aug 2001)
Peter Funk
SSGRR01, International Conference on Advances in Infrastructure for Electronic Business, Science, and Education on the Internet

Processes and Structured Transition Rules for Case-Based Reasoning (Jul 2001)
Peter Funk
Workshop on Case-Based Reasoning Approaches for Process-Oriented Knowledge Management, ICCBR’2001

Invited Speach: Embedded AI, AI research at Mälardalen University (Mar 2001)
Peter Funk
Swedish Society for Artificial Intelligence, SAIS2001

Peter Funk, Professor

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