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PROVIDENT: Predictable Software Development in Connected Vehicles Utilising Blended TSN-5G Networks active
ACICS - Assured Cloud Platforms for Industrial Cyber-physical Systems active
ADAPTER: Adaptive Learning and Information Fusion for Online Classification Based on Evolving Big Data Streams active
ADEPTNESS - Design-Operation Continuum Methods for Testing and Deployment under Unforeseen Conditions for Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems active
Adequacy-based Testing of Extra-Functional Properties of Embedded Systems (VR) active
Adjungerad professor Kristian Sandström active
Aggregate Farming in the Cloud active
ARRAY - Automation Region Research Academy active
Artificiell Intelligens för att förvandla kvalitetsregister till individanpassat beslutstöd i vården, 2017-01555 active
AUTOMAD:AUTOnomous Decision Making in Industry 4.0 using MAchine Learning and Data Analytics active
Automation in High-performance Cyber Physical Systems Development active
Brain technology in stroke rehabilitation – increasing motor recovery active
BRAINSAFEDRIVE: A Technology to detect Mental States During Drive for improving the Safety of the road active
BUMBLE - Blended Modelling for Enhanced Software and Systems Engineering active
CEST - Commissioned Education in Software Testing active
CIRCLE LAB - innovative learning approach for circular chemistry in secondary education active
Cloud and the Industrial Internet of Things Initiative active
Collaborative Adaptive Autonomous Agents active
Collaborative Cloud Robotics active
Construction Factory active
DeepMaker: Deep Learning Accelerator on Commercial Programmable Devices active
Demand-Driven Slicing active
DESTINE: Developing Predictable Vehicle Software Utilizing Time Sensitive Networking active
DIGICOGS:DIGital Twins for Industrial COGnitive Systems through Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence active
Digitalization of HVDC grids by means of smart data discovery active
DPAC - Dependable Platforms for Autonomous systems and Control active
eCraft2Learn - Digital Fabrication and Maker Movement in Education: Making Computer-supported Artefacts from Scratch active
ELECTRA - Evaluation of different communication technologies for heavy duty vehicle platooning active
Embedded Sensor Systems for Health Plus active
Energy-Efficient Hardware Accelerator for Embedded Deep Learning active
EXACT - Experimental Analysis of the Coupling Effect Hypothesis in Software Testing active
FAST-ARTS: Fast and Sustainable Analysis Techniques for Advanced Real-Time Systems active
FIESTA - Federated Choreography of an Integrated Embedded Systems Software Architecture active
FlexiHealth: flexible softwarized networks for digital healthcare active
FORA - Fog Computing for Robotics and Industrial Automation active
Future factories in the Cloud active
Future Industrial Networks active
FutureE active
GREENER: Intelligent energy management in connected construction sites active
Health5G: Future eHealth powered by 5G active
HERO: Heterogeneous systems - software-hardware integration active
HoPiiA+ active
ImmerSafe - Immersive Visual Technologies for Safety-critical Applications active
InSecTT: Intelligent Secure Trustable Things active
International guest professor Luis Almeida active
Internet-of-things and Cloud for Smart Manufacturing active
ITS ESS-H Industrial Graduate School in Reliable Embedded Sensor Systems active
ITS-EASY Post Graduate School for Embedded Software and Systems active
Kompetensnav Inbyggda Sensorsystem för hälsa / Competence hub Embedded Sensor Systems for Health active
Machine Learning for the prevention of occupational accidents in the construction industry active
Machine learning in power devices and power systems active
MINEStrA: Model Integration for Early Simulation and Analysis active
MobiFog: mobility management in Fog-assisted IoT networks active
Modeling and Analyzing Event-based Autonomous Systems active
Morphological Computing in Cognitive Systems active
PANORAMA - Boosting Design Efficiency for Heterogeneous³ Systems active
PARIS - Practical Probabilistic Timing Analysis of Real-Time Systems active
PICO - Philosophy of Information and Computing active
PROMPT - Professional Master’s in Software Engineering (step II, phase B&C) active
RECOG: Closed-loop neurofeedback innovation for cognitive rehabilitation active
SACSys - Safe and Secure Adaptive Collaborative Systems active
SafeCOP - Safe Cooperating Cyber-Physical Systems using Wireless Communication active
SafeDeep: Dependable Deep Learning for Safety-Critical Airborne Embedded Systems active
Safety Assurance in Continuous Deployment active
SAFSEC-CPS -- Securing the safety of autonomous cyber-physical systems active
Serendipity - Secure and dependable platforms for autonomy active
SimuSafe : Simulator of Behavioural Aspects for Safer Transport active
Självkörande cyklar för mer verklighetstrogen utveckling och verifiering av fordons säkerhetssystem för undvikande av cykelolyckor active
Software Center active
Software Center: Aspects of Automated Testing active
Software Center: Managing Inconsistent Development Artefacts active
Software Center: Modeling and Analyzing Cyber-Physical Systems active
SUCCESS: Safety assurance of Cooperating Construction Equipment in Semi-automated Sites active
System för dynamisk matchning av flygunderhållsförmågor och taktiska behov med maskininlärning och stora data active
TAIPA - Taktil och ambient interaktion för processautomation active
TESTOMAT Project - The Next Level of Test Automation active
TRUSTed decision-making system for Cognitive Manufacturing active
TRYM: Trust your Metrics! active
Unicorn -Sustainable, peaceful and efficient robotic refuse handling active
V-trustEE active
VeriDevOps - Automated Protection and Prevention to Meet Security Requirements in DevOps Environments active
VeriSpec - Structured Specification and Automated Verification for Automotive Functional Safety active
Volvo Group Arena active
WCET - Worst-Case Execution Time analysis active
XIVT - eXcellence in Variant Testing active
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