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Project TitleStatus
3D Graphics Simulation finished
A Canonical Model of the Primary Visual Cortex finished
ABV - Enabling Architecture Based Verification and Validation of Mission-Critical Systems finished
ADAPTER: Adaptive Learning and Information Fusion for Online Classification Based on Evolving Big Data Streams active
Adequacy-based Testing of Extra-Functional Properties of Embedded Systems (VR) active
Adjungerad professor Kristian Sandström active
Affordable Safe & Secure Mobility Evolution active
AGENTS - Automated Generation of Tests for Simulated Software Systems (KKS) finished
AIM, Artificial Intelligence in Medical Applications finished
Algorithms & Protocols Enhancing Mobility Support in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Bluetooth and Zigbee finished
ALL-TIMES finished
Alternative input and control devices for disabled finished
AMASS - Architecture-driven, Multi-concern and Seamless Assurance and Certification of Cyber-Physical Systems active
APARTS - Advanced Program Analysis for Real-Time Systems finished
APICS - A Process for Efficient and Effective Integration of Component Based Software finished
ARIES - Applied Research in Industrial and Embedded Software finished
ARRAY - Automation Region Research Academy active
ARROWS - Design Techniques for Adaptive Embedded Systems finished
Artificiell Intelligens för att förvandla kvalitetsregister till individanpassat beslutstöd i vården, 2017-01555 active
ArtistDesign finished
ASIS - Architecture-based verification of software-intensive systems finished
ASSIST - Analysis and Synthesis of Industrial Software Systems finished
ATAC - Advanced Test Automation for Complex Software-Intensive System (ITEA2/Vinnova) finished
Auomated Process Control, AproC finished
AUTOSAR for Multi-Core in Automotive and Automation Industries finished
AVANS - civilingenjörsprogrammet i tillförlitliga flyg- och rymdsystem active
BALSOP - Business, Architecture, Organization, and Process: Balancing Software Product Development finished
BARTAP - Network Measurement Applications finished
BETSY - BEing on Time Saves EnergY finished
Business Oriented Concept Development of Electronic System Architecture and Platforms in Vehicles finished
CAMI - Artificially intelligent ecosystem for self-management and sustainable quality of life in AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) active
CARTCOM - Monitoring and Probabilistic Analysis of Component-Based Embedded Control Systems finished
CEST - Commissioned Education in Software Testing active
CHESS finished
Closing the safety-security gap in software intensive systems active
Cloud and the Industrial Internet of Things Initiative active
CogTrack: Real-Time Cognitive Tracking as an Approach to Identify Substance Abuse active
Collaborative Cloud Robotics active
COMET - COMponent-based Embedded real-Time database system finished
COMING finished
Computational Intelligence in Process Modelling and Prediction finished
COMSED - Communication for Small Embedded Devices finished
ConCentric CRAFT - Creative Activities Framework -- Theory and practice of Content-Centric interaction Technology finished
CONCERTO - Guaranteed Component Assembly with Round Trip Analysis for Energy Efficient High-integrity Multi-core Systems finished
CONTESSE - Contract-Based Components for Embedded Software finished
Continuous monitoring of COPD patients active
CREATE ITEA2 finished
DAGGERS - Data aggregation for embedded real-time database systems finished
Dasher on-hold
DeepMaker: Deep Learning Accelerator on Commercial Programmable Devices active
Demand-Driven Slicing active
Development of a telemetric system for bioelectrical monitoring finished
Development of Electroencephalography (EEG) Signal Analysis Techniques for Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Systems finished
Devlopment of Software Intensive Systems in Complex Organizations finished
DICES - Distributed Component-based Embedded Software Systems finished
Dimensional Inference in Strongly Typed Modeling Languages. finished
DPAC - Dependable Platforms for Autonomous systems and Control active
DRIVE finished
ecare@home active
eCraft2Learn - Digital Fabrication and Maker Movement in Education: Making Computer-supported Artefacts from Scratch active
ECSS - Efficient Certification of functional Safety for Software systems finished
EEMDEF finished
EKEN-Efficient knowledge and experience reuse within the business world finished
El-hybrid hjullastare, Utveckling och analys med avseende på energieffektivitet, säkerhet och körbarhet finished
ELECTRA - Evaluation of different communication technologies for heavy duty vehicle platooning active
Embedded Systems - Adjungerad lektor Johan Åkerberg finished
Embedded Systems Verification using Timed Automata Technology (VR) finished
EMOPAC - Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization and Its Applications in Analog Circuit Design finished
ESS-H - Embedded Sensor Systems for Health Research Profile active
ESTER finished
EURECA finished
EUROWEB - European Resaerch and Education Collaboration with Western Balkan finished
EvaluNet finished
EvaluNet - Step II finished
EXACT - Experimental Analysis of the Coupling Effect Hypothesis in Software Testing active
ExAct, Intelligent experience sharing for industrial applications finished
Extract finished
FAST-ARTS: Fast and Sustainable Analysis Techniques for Advanced Real-Time Systems active
Femmva - Functional- and execution-models in modern electronic vehicle architectures finished
FIA - Strategic research into safety and security for the automation industry finished
FIND - Flexibilitet i Industriella system finished
FIRST - Flexible Integrating Scheduling Technology - EU IST Project finished
FLEXCON - flexibe controllers finished
FLEXI - Flexible Global Product Development and Integration finished
Food4Health: A Personalized System for Adaptive Mealtime Situations for Elderly finished
FuturE finished
Future factories in the Cloud active
Gauss - Garanterad automationskommunikation under svåra störningar finished
Gen&ReuseSafetyCases finished
Genetic Algorithm Theory finished
GENIUS on-hold
GIMME-SPACE finished
GIMME3 - Semi-fault tolerant next generation high performance computer architecture based on screened industrial components finished
Giraff + Combining social interaction and long term monitoring for promoting independent living finished
Global Constraints in Constraint Programming and Local Search finished
Global Regional Cooperation in India finished
HEAVE finished
HELPING: Heterogeneous Platform Deployment Modelling of Embedded Systems finished
Hi5 - A Holistic and Improved Infrastructure for Increased Industrial Impact of research finished
High Level Languages for Hard and Embedded Real-Time Systems finished
HISCORE - Hierarchical Scheduling of Complex Real-Time Embedded Systems finished
HoPiiA - Horizon 2020 and Process Industrial IT and Automation finished
HoPiiA+ active
HR R-peak detection quality index analysis finished
IDEAS - Innovation and Design for Euro-Asian Scholars finished
IEMI: Intelligent extraction of mental imagery during stroke rehabilitation active
ImmerSafe - Immersive Visual Technologies for Safety-critical Applications active
IMod - Intelligent Concentration Monitoring and Warning System for Professional Drivers finished
IMPLY - Intelligent Personalisation finished
IMPRINT - Innovative Model-Based Product Integration Testing (Vinnova) finished
InCloud - Indstrial Systems Cloud Computing finished
InMaint - Intelligent Monitoring and Maintenance in Production Industry finished
Innocare finished
Intelligent Embedded Systems finished
Intelligent Human Robot Interaction finished
InterAct@MRTC finished
Interaktiv teknik för långsiktigt stöd av fysisk aktivitet hos äldre finished
Interaktiva distanslösningar för genomförande och uppföljning av strokerehabilitering i hemmiljö finished
International guest professor Luis Almeida active
Internet-of-things and Cloud for Smart Manufacturing active
Investigation of needs and requirements related to monitoring of physical activity in daily life: A qualitative study of older adults' experiences from using activity bracelets finished
INVIP: Indoor Navigation for Visual Impairment Persons using Computer Vision and Machine learning active
IPOS, Integrated Personal Health Optimizing System finished
ISE - Industrial Software Engineering finished
ITS ESS-H Industrial Graduate School in Reliable Embedded Sensor Systems active
ITS-EASY Post Graduate School for Embedded Software and Systems active
ITS-EASY, SVAHLA - Stereo Vision Assisted Hauler and Loader Alignment active
KISEK - Collaborative Internationalisation of Software Engineering in Croatia finished
KKS Adjungerad professur vid MDH - Avioniksystem active
Kompetensnav Inbyggda Sensorsystem för hälsa / Competence hub Embedded Sensor Systems for Health active
LACTA - a new method to identify the lactate threshold finished
Linnaeus-Palme: ECUST finished
Linnaeus-Palme: ETF finished
Linnaeus-Palme: Salvador Brazil finished
Linneaus-Palme: Osijek, Croatia finished
Lobby&Propose active
LUCIA - International Guest Professor Lucia Lo Bello finished
MALTA finished
MAMACELL finished
MBAT - Combined Model-based Analysis and Testing (Artemis/Vinnova) finished
Measurement system for prevention of pressure sores finished
MegaMaRt2 - Megamodelling at Runtime (ECSEL/Vinnova) active
MESSI - Methods for innovation development in software intensive systems finished
Micro sensors for better health finished
Microwaves in biomedicine finished
MINEStrA: Model Integration for Early Simulation and Analysis active
Mobile Robotics finished
Modular Lightweight Robotics finished
MOMENTUM: analysis of models towards compilation to predictable embedded real-time and safety-critical applications active
Morphological Computing in Cognitive Systems active
MultEx finished
Multi-Aspectual Data Management of Embedded Real-Time Systems finished
Music in Motion - A Project that combines Arts with Science finished
NovaMedTech finished
NovaMedTech II finished
OPEN-SME Open-Source, Software Reuse, Service for SMEs finished
OpenController finished
ORION - Decision Support for Component-Based Software Engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems active
Pain Out, WP decision support for pain relief finished
Parallel Execution of PLEX programs finished
PARIS - Practical Probabilistic Timing Analysis of Real-Time Systems active
Pasas- Analyzing the enterprise-, system-, and software architecture impact of stakeholders’ concerns for profitable industrial software systems finished
PEWIT finished
PG-CBD-CVer – Component Verification finished
PG-CBD-IDE – Integration Development Environment finished
PG-CBD-Proc – Identification and specification of CB process finished
PG-CBD-StatA – Static Timing Analysis of Component-Based Systems finished
PG-CBD-Trans – Transformation of processes finished
PG-Demo-Evolution – Progress Component Models finished
PG-Demo-Leg – Legacy demonstrator finished
PG-Demo-SAVE – The SAVE demonstrator finished
PG-Dep-ET – Enabling Technologies for Evaluating/Ensuring Dependability finished
PG-Dep-FRAMES – Faults and Reliability Aware Methodologies for Efficient Scheduling finished
PG-Dep-PEARLS – Parameterized Evaluation of Attributes of Reliable Systems finished
PG-DEP-REMAP - Reliability Modeling and Analysis for Predictability Assurance finished
PG-Leg-Asis – Legacy Model Analysis finished
PG-Leg-Comp – Composition of legacy systems finished
PG-Leg-Extract – Model Extraction for Legacy Systems finished
PG-Pla-INC – Information Centric development of component-based embedded real-time systems finished
PG-Pla-OSC – Optimization, Synthesis and Configuration finished
PG-Pla-SSI – SubSystem Integration finished
PICO - Philosophy of Information and Computing active
PIFF - Programvaruexjobb för Industri- och ForskningsFramgång (Supporting framework for Software Engineering diploma work done in collaboration between industry and research in Sweden) finished
PPMsched - Performance Preserving Multicore Scheduling finished
PREMISE - Predictable Multicore Systems active
PREPARE 09 Elektronikutveckling - processer för system baserade på plattformar/komponenter finished
PRESS - Predictable Embedded Software Systems active
PreView: Developing Predictable Vehicle Software on Multi-core active
Process Industrial Big Data Analytics finished
PROEK, Ökad Produktivitet och Livskvalitet finished
PROGRESS finished
Progress Terminology finished
Project Solaris finished
PROMPT - Professional Master’s in Software Engineering (step II) finished
PROMPT - Professional Master’s in Software Engineering (step II, phase B&C) active
PROMPT - Professional Master’s program in Software Engineering (step I) finished
Q-ImPreSS - Quality Impact Prediction for Evolving Service-oriented Software finished
Ralf II finished
RALF3 - Software for Embedded High Performance Architectures finished
RAP-Robotics, Automation and Process Control finished
READY - Research Environment for Advancing Low Latency Internet active
Real-time Architecture for Networked Multimedia Streaming systems finished
Real-time Heterogeneous Systems finished
RetNet - The European Industrial Doctorate Programme on Future Real-Time Networks active
RoboCat finished
Robocygne finished
Robot Colleague - A Project in Collaborative Robotics finished
Roony on-hold
RUNNER finished
RV-REDS - Resource Virtualization for Real-Time Embedded Distributed Systems active
SaDIES. Safe Dynamic Software Instrumentation for Embedded Systems finished
SafeCer - Safety Certification of Software-Intensive Systems with Reusable Components finished
SafeCOP - Safe Cooperating Cyber-Physical Systems using Wireless Communication active
SafeDriver: A Real Time Driver's State Monitoring and Prediction System active
Safety Critical Industrial Machine Vision Inspection and Control System (SAFEi) finished
Safety-Critical Component-Based Systems finished
SAFSEC-CPS -- Securing the safety of autonomous cyber-physical systems active
Saga finished
SALSART - Predictably Flexible and Reliable Real-Time Systems finished
SALUTOGEN - Seniors’ Activity and quality of Life sUpported by Technology thrOugh deliGht, Engagement and iNterest active
SARPA - Safe and Robust Platform for Automated Vehicles finished
SAVE finished
SAVE-IT finished
SAVE/AutoComp finished
SC: Evolution Support for Architectural Artefacts finished
SeCRA - Security Case Run-Time Adaptation active
Serendipity - Secure and dependable platforms for autonomy active
SICS CNS finished
SimuSafe : Simulator of Behavioural Aspects for Safer Transport active
SISTER - Strengthening the IST Research Capacity of Sofia University finished
Smart and networking underWAter Robots in cooperation MesheS active
SMARTCore: Model-driven support for deployment optimization of embedded systems on multicore finished
SOFAR - Software Architecture Evolution finished
SoftIn - Introducing methods and tools for software development in small and medium-sized enterprises finished
Software Center: Aspects of Automated Testing (MDH) active
Software Center: Model-based Development and Continuous Integration active
SONOTOPIA finished
Sprint 10 Project: SLA-IoT--Ensuring Quality of Service through Modeling of Service-level Agreements in Industrial IoT finished
Sprint 11 Project: SLA-IoT--Ensuring Quality of Service through Modeling of Service-level Agreements in Industrial IoT finished
Sprint 12 Project: SLA-IoT--Ensuring Quality of Service through Modeling of Service-level Agreements in Industrial IoT finished
Sprint 13 Project: SLA-IoT - Ensuring Quality of Service through Modeling of Service-level Agreements in Industrial IoT finished
SSpiia - Safety & Security in Process Industrial IT and Automation finished
START - Stochastic Real-Time Analysis of Embedded Software Systems finished
Static Program Analysis for Complex Embedded systems active
Strategic Knowledge Enhancement: International Visiting Professor, Alfonso Pierantonio finished
SWELL - Swedish V&V Excellence finished
SYNOPSIS - Safety Analysis for Predictable Software Intensive Systems finished
SynthSoft - Synthesizing Predictable Software for Distributed Embedded Systems active
Sysnova finished
TAIPA - Taktil och ambient interaktion för processautomation active
Tangible and Ambient Interaction for Process Automation finished
TATOO - Test and Testability of Distributed Real-Time Systems finished
Technology support for health promotive behavioural change finished
TESLA - Time-critical & Safe wireLess Automation communication finished
TESTMINE - Mining Test Evolution for Improved Software Regression Test Selection (KKS) active
TESTOMAT Project - The Next Level of Test Automation active
The Volvo chair of vehicular electronics and software architecture active
Third Eye: An Intelligent Assisting Aid for Older Individuals with a Recently Acquired Visual Impairment finished
TIMERS - Timing analysis, modeling and evaluation of RTS finished
Timing Analysis on Code-Level active
Timing Predictions of Complex Embedded Systems active
TIMMO-2-USE finished
TOCSYC - Testing of Critical System Characteristics (KKS) active
Traffic Measurement and Analysis finished
TVISS finished
Two Camera System finished
Unicorn -Sustainable, peaceful and efficient robotic refuse handling active
V-trustEE active
VARUM - Vision Aided Robots for Underwater Minehunting finished
VDM - Vehicle Driver Monitoring active
VeriSpec - Structured Specification and Automated Verification for Automotive Functional Safety active
WCET - Worst-Case Execution Time analysis active
WIRE – Wireless Industrial networks with Reliability Enhancements finished
Wireless sensors for monitoring physiological parameters finished
Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis of Parallel Systems finished
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