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Licentiate Thesis (1)

Pattern-based Specification and Formal Analysis of Embedded Systems Requirements and Behavioral Models (Apr 2017)
Predrag Filipovikj

Journal article (1)

Component Models for Reasoning (Nov 2013)
Cristina Seceleanu, Ivica Crnkovic
The Computer Journal (Comput. J.)

Conference/Workshop Paper (12)

An Energy-aware Mutation Testing Framework for EAST-ADL Architectural Models (Oct 2017)
Raluca Marinescu, Predrag Filipovikj, Eduard Paul Enoiu, Jonatan Larsson , Cristina Seceleanu
29th Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory (NWPT'17)

SMT-based Consistency Analysis of Industrial Systems Requirements (Apr 2017) -- Best Paper Award--
Predrag Filipovikj, Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas, Mattias Nyberg , Cristina Seceleanu
32nd ACM SIGAPP Symposium On Applied Computing (SAC2017)

ReSA Tool: Structured Requirements Specification and SAT-based Consistency-checking (Nov 2016)
Nesredin Mahmud, Cristina Seceleanu, Oscar Ljungkrantz
35th Annual IEEE Software Engineering Workshop (FedCSIS Conference) (SEW-36)

Simulink to UPPAAL Statistical Model Checker: Analyzing Automotive Industrial Systems (Nov 2016)
Predrag Filipovikj, Nesredin Mahmud, Raluca Marinescu, Cristina Seceleanu, Oscar Ljungkrantz , Henrik Lönn
21st International Symposium on Formal Methods (FM2016)

Integrating Pattern-based Formal Requirements Specification in an Industrial Tool-chain (Jun 2016)
Predrag Filipovikj, Trevor Jagerfield , Mattias Nyberg , Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas, Cristina Seceleanu
The 10th IEEE International Workshop on Quality Oriented Reuse of Software (QUORS'16)

Formal methods in collaborative projects (Apr 2016)
Anna Zamansky , Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas, Mark Adams , Maria Spichkova
Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering (ENASE)

Cyber-physical Systems: Interoperability and Distributed Intelligence (Sep 2015)
Cristina Seceleanu
39th IEEE Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC 2015)

Offline Analysis of Independent Guarded Assertions in Automotive Integration Testing (Aug 2015)
Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas, Avenir Kobetski , Daniel Sundmark, Thomas Gustafsson

Statistical Analysis of Resource Usage of Embedded Systems Modeled in EAST-ADL (Jul 2015)
Raluca Marinescu, Eduard Paul Enoiu, Cristina Seceleanu
IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on VLSI (ISVLSI)

ReSA: An Ontology-based Requirement Specification Language Tailored to Automotive Systems (Jun 2015)
Nesredin Mahmud, Cristina Seceleanu, Oscar Ljungkrantz
10th IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Embedded Systems (SIES'15)

Reassessing the Pattern-Based Approach for Formalizing Requirements in the Automotive Domain (Aug 2014)
Predrag Filipovikj, Mattias Nyberg , Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas
22nd IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE'14)

Automated Specification and Verification of Functional Safety in Heavy-Vehicles: the VeriSpec Approach (Jun 2014)
Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas, Cristina Seceleanu, Hans Hansson, Mattias Nyberg , Oscar Ljungkrantz , Henrik Lönn
51st Annual Design Automation Conference on Design Automation Conference (DAC)

Report - MRTC (2)

Semantic Analysis of Embedded System Requirements Speci fications (May 2017)
Nesredin Mahmud, Cristina Seceleanu, Oscar Ljungkrantz

Analyzing Industrial Simulink Models by Statistical Model Checking (Mar 2017)
Predrag Filipovikj, Nesredin Mahmud, Raluca Marinescu, Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas, Cristina Seceleanu, Oscar Ljungkrantz , Henrik Lönn

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