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Licentiate Thesis (2)

Symmetric Cardinality Constraints (Dec 2005)
Waldemar Kocjan

Design and Implementation of a Graph-Based Constraint Model for Local Search (Apr 2004)
Markus Bohlin

Conference/Workshop Paper (2)

Filtering Methods for Symmetric Cardinality Constraint (Apr 2004)
Waldemar Kocjan
CPAIOR 2004 Conference Proceedings

Improving Cost Calculations for Global Constraints in Local Search (Sep 2002)
Markus Bohlin
Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming

Report - MRTC (2)

Maintaining Consistency of Dynamic Cardinality Constraints with Costs (Jan 2005)
Waldemar Kocjan, Björn Lisper

Symmetric Cardinality Constraint with Costs (Dec 2004)
Waldemar Kocjan, Björn Lisper

Report (3)

Dynamic scheduling. State of the art report. (Dec 2002)
Waldemar Kocjan

Designing Global Scheduling Constraints for Local Search: A Generic Approach (Nov 2002)
Markus Bohlin, Waldemar Kocjan

Constraint Satisfaction by Local Search (Jun 2002)
Markus Bohlin

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