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Licentiate Thesis (1)

Towards Optimal Quality of Experience via Scalable Video Coding (Nov 2009)
Pengpeng Ni

Conference/Workshop Paper (5)

Video streaming into virtual worlds: the effects of virtual screen distance and angle on perceived quality (Aug 2009)
Pengpeng Ni
Proceedings of the 17th annual ACM international conference on Multimedia

Pick your Layers wisely - A Quality Assessment of H.264 Scalable Video Coding for Mobile Devices (Jun 2009)
Pengpeng Ni
ICC ’09. IEEE International Conference on Communications

Fine-grained scalable streaming from coarse-grained videos (Jan 2009)
Pengpeng Ni
Proceedings of the 18th international workshop on Network and operating systems support for digital audio and video

Support for Digital VCR functionality over Network for H.264/AVC (May 2008)
Pengpeng Ni, Damir Isovic
IEEE ICC2008 - Signal Processing for Communications Symposium

User-friendly H.264/AVC for Remote Browsing (Oct 2006)
Pengpeng Ni, Damir Isovic, Gerhard Fohler
Proceedings of the International ACM Multimedia conferance (ACM 06)

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