Data Communication


Data Communication for Delay-Critical Distributed Control, with focus on research in Safe and secure wireless industrial automation, Reliable wireless communication in harsh environments, Communication with predictable delay, Safe and secure communication for health applications, Reliable vehicular communication, and Network security.

Project TitleStatus
Embedded Sensor Systems for Health Plus active
FlexiHealth: flexible softwarized networks for digital healthcare active
Future factories in the Cloud active
Future Industrial Networks active
GREENER: Intelligent energy management in connected construction sites active
Health5G: Future eHealth powered by 5G active
ITS ESS-H Industrial Graduate School in Reliable Embedded Sensor Systems active
MobiFog: mobility management in Fog-assisted IoT networks active
SafeCOP - Safe Cooperating Cyber-Physical Systems using Wireless Communication active
Serendipity - Secure and dependable platforms for autonomy active
BARTAP - Network Measurement Applications finished
CAMI - Artificially intelligent ecosystem for self-management and sustainable quality of life in AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) finished
COMSED - Communication for Small Embedded Devices finished
ELECTRA - Evaluation of different communication technologies for heavy duty vehicle platooning finished
Embedded Systems - Adjungerad lektor Johan Åkerberg finished
ESS-H - Embedded Sensor Systems for Health Research Profile finished
EvaluNet finished
EvaluNet - Step II finished
FIA - Strategic research into safety and security for the automation industry finished
Gauss - Garanterad automationskommunikation under svåra störningar finished
LUCIA - International Guest Professor Lucia Lo Bello finished
NovaMedTech II finished
RAP-Robotics, Automation and Process Control finished
READY - Research Environment for Advancing Low Latency Internet finished
RetNet - The European Industrial Doctorate Programme on Future Real-Time Networks finished
SeCRA - Security Case Run-Time Adaptation finished
SICS CNS finished
TESLA - Time-critical & Safe wireLess Automation communication finished
Traffic Measurement and Analysis finished
TVISS finished
V-trustEE finished
WIRE – Wireless Industrial networks with Reliability Enhancements finished

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Securing System-of-Systems through a Game Theory Approach (Mar 2021)
Jamal El Hachem , Elena Lisova, Aida Causevic
The 36th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium On Applied Computing (SAC2021)

Performance Analysis of an Energy-Harvesting IoT System Using a UAV Friendly Jammer and NOMA Under Cooperative Attack (Dec 2020)
Van Nhan Vo , Chakchai So-In , Tran Hung, Dung Duc Tran , Tung Pham Huu

Peculiar Times Being Used to Analyze and Plan Ahead [Connected and Autonomous Vehicles] (Dec 2020)
Elisabeth Uhlemann
IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine (VTM)

Outage Performance of Pairwise NOMA Allowing a Dynamic Decoding Order and Optimal Pairs of Power Levels (Nov 2020)
Van-Lan Dao, Le-Nam Hoang, Svetlana Girs, Elisabeth Uhlemann
IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society (OJCOMS)

Network Fault Tolerance by Means of Diverse Physical Layers (Sep 2020)
Pablo Gutiérrez Peón, Wilfried Steiner , Elisabeth Uhlemann
The 25th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA2020)

Hosting functional safety applications in factory networks through Time-Sensitive Networking (Sep 2020)
Sascha Gent , Pablo Gutiérrez Peón, Thomas Frühwirth , Dieter Etz
IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation, ETFA 2020 (ETFA'20)

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