Dependable Software Engineering


Methods and processes for engineering dependable software systems; specifically, techniques and schedulability analysis for fault-tolerant real-time systems, software reliability modelling, software testing and safety argumentation for certification.

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SafeConcert: a Metamodel for a Concerted Safety Modeling of Socio-Technical Systems (Sep 2017)
Leonardo Montecchi , Barbara Gallina
5th International Symposium on Model-Based Safety and Assessment (IMBSA-2017)

Towards Increased Efficiency and Confidence in Process Compliance (Sep 2017)
Julieth Patricia Castellanos Ardila, Barbara Gallina
24th European & Asian Systems, Software & Service Process Improvement & Innovation (EuroAsiaSPI2 '17)

Towards Systematic Compliance Evaluation Using Safety-oriented Process Lines and Evidence Mapping (Sep 2017)
Timo Varkoi , Timo Mäkinen , Barbara Gallina, Frank Cameron , Risto Nevalainen
24th European & Asian Systems, Software & Service Process Improvement & Innovation (EuroAsiaSPI2 '17)

Evaluación de Requisitos de Seguridad con MBASafe conforme a la norma EN 50128 (Jul 2017)
Barbara Gallina, Elena Gómez-Martínez , Clara Benac Earle
XVII Jornadas de Programación y Lenguajes, part of SISTEDES 2017 (PROLE-2017)

Agent-centred Approach for Assuring Ethics in Dependable Service Systems (Jun 2017)
Irfan Sljivo, Elena Lisova, Sara Afshar
13th IEEE World Congress on Services (SERVICES 2017)

Enabling GSD Task Allocation via Cloud-based Software Processes (Jun 2017)
Sami Alajrami , Barbara Gallina, Alexander Romanovsky
Software Engineering Research, Management and Applications (SERA-2017)

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