Magnus Otterskog, Senior Lecturer (not working at IDT anymore)

Born 1972 in Arboga. Engineering studies at Örebro University between 1992 and 1996 followed by part time employment at Ericsson Mobile Communications in Kumla and in parallel studying courses at Chalmers and in Lund. PhD student in Örebro 2000-2006, finished Nov 2006. Employed as a researcher at Mälardalen University from October 2006. Now employed as Senior lecturer with teaching within electronics and signal processing. Main research interests within electromagnetics and measurement systems. Assistant supervisor for 7 PhD students where three have passed PhD and two licentiate.

Project leader of Microwave Imaging project aiming to develop a system for mammography to complement or replace X-ray mammography. Specialized knowledge within RF-measurements and electromagnetic wave propagation. Leader of sub-project within ESS-H where embedded sensor systems for health are created for the professional life.

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Latest publications:

A multi-layered head phantom for microwave investigations of brain hemorrhages (Oct 2016)
Magnus Otterskog, Nikola Petrovic, Per Olov Risman
2016 IEEE Conference on Antenna Measurements & Applications (CAMA) (CAMA 2016)

Antenna applicator concepts using diffraction phenomena for direct visualization of brain hemorrhages (Oct 2016)
Nikola Petrovic, Magnus Otterskog, Per Olov Risman
2016 IEEE Conference on Antenna Measurements & Applications (CAMA) (CAMA 2016)

Experimental Comparison Study of UWB Technologies for Static Human Detection (Oct 2016)
Melika Hozhabri, Magnus Otterskog, Nikola Petrovic, Martin Ekström
IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Wireless Broadband (ICUWB 2016) ( ICUWB 2016)

Antenna Applicators and Microwave Fields for Imaging of the Interior of Human Breasts and Heads (Jun 2016)
Nikola Petrovic, Magnus Otterskog, Per Olov Risman
The 50th Annual Microwave Power Symposium (IMPI)

Experiments and numerical modelling of contacting antenna applicators at a free space head model (Nov 2015)
Nikola Petrovic, Magnus Otterskog, Per Olov Risman
2015 IEEE International Conference on Antenna Measurements & Applications (CAMA) (CAMA 2015)

A Study of Different Fabrics to Increase Radar Cross Section of Humans (Jun 2015)
Torbjörn Ödman, jan velinder , Nils-Bertil Andersson , Magnus Otterskog, Maria Lindén, Natalia Ödman , Christer Larsson
12th International Conference on Wearable Micro and Nano Technologies for Personalized Health (pHealth 2015)

PhD students supervised as assistant supervisor:

Farid Monsefi
Jiaying Du
Jimmie Hagblad (former)
Jonas Ljungblad
Torbjörn Ödman