Björn Lisper, Professor

Björn Lisper is professor in Computer Engineering at Mälardalen University since 1999, where he leads the Programming Languages research group. His current research interests are in programming language issues, targeting program analysis especially w.r.t timing properties. He received his MSc (Engineering Physics) 1980, and Doctor of Technology (Computer Science) 1987, both from KTH, Sweden, where he also was appointed "docent" in Computer Systems (1991).  Prof. Lisper is the Chair of the COST Action IC1202 Timing Analysis on Code-Level. He has been a Core Member of the FP7 NoE ArtistDesign, where he was the leader of the timing analysis activity. He coordinated the FP7 ICT project ALL-TIMES, and the Marie Curie IAPP project APARTS. He is also a member of IFIP WG 10.2 on Embedded Systems.

Current research interests are in programming language issues, targeting program analysis especially w.r.t timing properties.

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Latest publications:

A Resource Efficient Framework to Run Automotive Embedded Software on Multi-core ECUs (Jan 2018)
Hamid Reza Faragardi, Björn Lisper, Kristian Sandström, Thomas Nolte
Journal of Systems and Software (JSS)

Verifying Event-Based Timing Constraints by Translation into Presburger Formulae (Sep 2017)
Björn Lisper
Joint 22nd International Workshop on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems and 17th International Workshop on Automated Verification of Critical Systems (FMICS-AVoCS'17)

Targeted Mutation: Efficient Mutation Analysis for Testing Non-Functional Properties (Mar 2017)
Björn Lisper, Birgitta Lindström, Pasqualina Potena, Mehrdad Saadatmand, Markus Bohlin
ICST workshop on Testing Extra-Functional Properties and Quality Characteristics of Software Systems (ITEQS'17)

Improved Precision in Polyhedral Analysis with Wrapping (Jan 2017)
Stefan Bygde, Björn Lisper, Niklas Holsti
Science of Computer Programming (SCICO)

Early execution time-estimation through automatically generated timing models (Nov 2016)
Peter Altenbernd , Jan Gustafsson, Björn Lisper, Friedhelm Stappert
Real-Time Systems: The International Journal of Time-Critical Computing Systems (RTSJ'15)

TACLeBench: A Benchmark Collection to Support Worst-Case Execution Time Research (Jul 2016)
Heiko Falk , Sebastian Altmeyer , Peter Hellinckx , Björn Lisper, Wolfgang Puffitsch , Christine Rochange , Martin Schoeberl , Rasmus Bo Sorensen , Peter Wägemann , Simon Wegener
Proc. 16th International Workshop on Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis (WCET'2016) (WCET16)

Project TitleStatus
3D Graphics Simulation finished
A Canonical Model of the Primary Visual Cortex finished
Affordable Safe & Secure Mobility Evolution active
ALL-TIMES finished
APARTS - Advanced Program Analysis for Real-Time Systems finished
ARTIST finished
ArtistDesign finished
AUTOSAR for Multi-Core in Automotive and Automation Industries finished
CEST - Commissioned Education in Software Testing active
ConCentric CRAFT - Creative Activities Framework -- Theory and practice of Content-Centric interaction Technology finished
CONTESSE - Contract-Based Components for Embedded Software finished
Data Field Haskell finished
Demand-Driven Slicing active
Dimensional Inference in Strongly Typed Modeling Languages. finished
Genetic Algorithm Theory finished
Global Constraints in Constraint Programming and Local Search finished
Haxcel finished
High Level Languages for Hard and Embedded Real-Time Systems finished
ITS-EASY Post Graduate School for Embedded Software and Systems active
MOMENTUM: analysis of models towards compilation to predictable embedded real-time and safety-critical applications active
Parallel Execution of PLEX programs finished
PG-CBD-StatA – Static Timing Analysis of Component-Based Systems finished
PROGRESS finished
PROMPT - Professional Master’s in Software Engineering (step II) finished
PROMPT - Professional Master’s in Software Engineering (step II, phase B&C) active
RALF3 - Software for Embedded High Performance Architectures finished
Remodel finished
Response-time Calculations with Integer Linear Programming Methods finished
Static Program Analysis for Complex Embedded systems active
SYNOPSIS - Safety Analysis for Predictable Software Intensive Systems finished
TESTOMAT Project - The Next Level of Test Automation active
Timing Analysis on Code-Level active
TIMMO-2-USE finished
TOCSYC - Testing of Critical System Characteristics (KKS) active
Tools for analysis of complex software systems finished
WCET - Worst-Case Execution Time analysis active
Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis of Parallel Systems finished
MSc theses supervised (or examined):
Thesis TitleStatus
Master Thesis - Constraint Programming Techniques in WCET Analysis available
Automatic log analysis in industrial robot automation systems available
Generation of Mutants for Testing Execution Time available
Identifying and validating key features in a robot automation system available
Master Thesis - Value analysis of safety critical embedded software at Volvo CE / Värdeanalys av säkerhetskritisk inbyggd programvara vid Volvo CE available
Towards an Eclipse Modelling Environment for LLVM available
Interpretator för naturkatastrofsimulator selected
Adaptering av SimpleScalar simulatorn till exekveringsverktyget SWEET in progress
Fault Injection in a complex middleware system - Felinjektion i ett komplext system in progress
Förbättrad simulering av minneselektronik in progress
Pansarvagnssimulator i 3D in progress
System and Issue Tracker Application in progress
Master Thesis - Writing a PowerPC assembler to ALF translator in cooperation with world-leading WCET tool providers finished
A Case Study of Parallel Bilateral Filtering on the GPU finished
A Mobile Graph Like Visual Programming Language finished
A tool to facilitate interactive and collaborative learning of execution flow and code for novice computer science finished
Abstrakt interpretering med avancerade numeriska domäner finished
An ALF/UML to ALF/SWEET translator finished
Automated image analyzing and categorizing program finished
Automated Test Generation for Structured Text Language using UPPAAL Model Checker finished
Data Field Haskell 98 finished
Development of a Communication Framework for optimized and guaranteed information exchange between train and wayside finished
DuPaD: A dual-paradigm drawing tool finished
En matematikapplikation utvecklad för Windows 8 finished
Ett flexiblare ramverk vid skapande av guider finished
Evaluation of a method for identifying timing models finished
Exekveringstidsanalys av taskorienterad kod för fordon finished
Extension of the WCET benchmark program suite finished
Flervägs dataanalysator för seriell data finished
Formell semantik för händelsestyrda språk (på Ericsson) finished
Förenklad 3D Modellering finished
gPROMS Dimensional Inference finished
GPU Programming in a Functional Language finished
Implementering av slicing i SWEET mot ALF-kod finished
Implementing Adventure Games using Logic Programming finished
Implementing an ALF/UML to ALF/SWEET translator finished
Integrating an event detection algebra in C# finished
Lastanalysator till RAPID finished
Master Thesis - Developing an ALF interpreter for the SWEET WCET analysis tool finished
Master Thesis - Writing a NECV850E assembler to ALF translator in cooperation with world-leading WCET tool providers finished
Minneskrockar vid parallellexekvering (Ericsson) finished
Occlusion Culling in Interactive Graphics Applications finished
Omdesign av Ozkompilatorn finished
Omimplementering av Data Field Haskell finished
Pitfalls in Spatial Modelling of Ethnocentrism finished
Portering av Data Field Haskell finished
Portning av ett WCET verktyg till Hitachi H8 och Lego Mindstorms finished
Researching Integration of ART Test Cases into JCAT finished
Statisk analysator till RAPID finished
Svarstidsberäkning, Prioritets Tilldelning och Holistisk Schemaläggning med Heltalsprogrammeringsmetoder finished
The Functional Paradigm in Embedded Real-Time Systems finished
Utvärdering av Metoder för Dynamisk Tidsanalys för CC-Systems AB finished
Utvärdering av programflödesanalys för WCET-beräkningar vid Volvo Construction Equipment finished
Utvärdering av Statisk Tidsanalys för CC-Systems AB finished
Utvärdering av Statisk Tidsanalys för ett kommersiellt Real-Time operativ System finished
Virtual environment for assembler code diagnosis finished
Visualiseringsverktyg för ortopediskaoperationer finished
WCET Analysis and Certification of Automatically Generated Code for CC-Systems AB finished
Ett kalkylbladsinterface till Haskell on-hold
Ett matematiskt korrekt, typsäkert matrisbibliotek i C++ on-hold
Implementering av algoritmer för att detektera avvikelser i EDGAR on-hold