Julieth Patricia Castellanos Ardila, Doctoral student (not working at IDT anymore)

Julieth Castellanos was a doctoral student at the Division of Software Engineering at IDT-Mälardalen University. She defended her Ph.D Thesis in September 2021.

Julieth received her bachelor degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS), Bucaramanga, Colombia in 2001. Additionally, she has a specialization in Software Engineering from Universidad Distrital Franciso José de Caldas in Bogotá (Colombia), a one-year Master in Computer Science from Malmö University, and a two-year Master in Software Engineering from Mälardalen University

Julieth Castellanos' research focuses on compliance checking of processes plans, a common and accepted procedure carried out in the safety-critical context. The particular research contributions are:

  • ACCEPT, a safety-centered planning-time framework for automated process compliance checking.
  • The definition of process compliance hints and patterns to facilitate the creation of well-formed and reusable specifications for automated compliance checking.
  • Investigation regarding the systematic reuse of compliance checking artifacts.
  • Examining the added value offered by the automation of compliance checking of process plans in the safety-critical context.

Preliminary work is published in the Licentiate thesis called Facilitating Automated Compliance Checking of Processes against Safety Standards.  Julieth's work is supervised by  Barbara Gallina and Faiz Ul Muram. Her work contributed to the project AMASS, an EU-ECSEL funded project, which ultimate goal is to lower certification costs for Cyber-Physical Systems