Stephan Baumgart, Industrial Doctoral Student

Stephan Baumgart is an industrial Ph.D. student at Volvo Autonomouis Solutions AB,Sweden in Eskilstuna. Stephan has studied Information Technology at Humboldt University in Berlin and received his informatics diploma (Dipl. Inf.) in 2008. He has been working at AUDI AG and Volkswagen AG in Germany before moving to Sweden in 2010. Stephan has been working at Volvo Construction Equipment since then until september 2020. From September 2020 Stephan has started at Volvo Autonomous Solutions.

  • Functional Safety
  • Safety Assurance for Autonomous Vehicles
  • Safety Assurance for Systems-of-Systems
  • Model-based development

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Latest publications:

A Process to Support Safety Analysis for a System-of-Systems (Oct 2020)
Stephan Baumgart, Joakim Fröberg , Sasikumar Punnekkat
31st International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE 2020)

Safe Design of Flow Management Systems Using Rebeca (Sep 2020)
Giorgio Forcina, Ali Sedaghatbaf, Stephan Baumgart, Ali Jafari , Ehsan Khamespanah , Pavle Mrvaljevic , Marjan Sirjani
Journal of Information Processing (IPSJ)

A State-based Extension to STPA for Safety-Critical System-of-Systems (Nov 2019)
Stephan Baumgart, Joakim Fröberg , Sasikumar Punnekkat
4th International Conference on System Reliability and Safety (ICSRS-2019)

The Role of Functional Safety Engineer in Railway, Automotive and Machinery Industry (Aug 2019)
Yin Chen , Stephan Baumgart, Jianfang Kang
2019 International Conference on Quality, Reliability, Risk, Maintenance, and Safety Engineering (QR2MSE 2019)

An Actor-based Design Platform for System of Systems (Jul 2019)
Marjan Sirjani, Giorgio Forcina, Ali Jafari , Stephan Baumgart, Ehsan Khamespanah , Ali Sedaghatbaf
COMPSAC 2019: Data Driven Intelligence for a Smarter World (COMPSAC 2019)

Defining a Method to Perform Effective Hazard Analysis for a Directed SoS Based on STPA (Nov 2018)
Stephan Baumgart, Joakim Fröberg , Sasikumar Punnekkat
Third Swedish Workshop on the Engineering of Systems-of-Systems 2018 (SWESoS 2018)