Raluca Marinescu, Post Doc

Raluca Marinescu is a Post Doc researcher at Mälardalen University, working in the Formal Modeling and Analysis of Embedded Systems group. She has received a M.Sc. in Electronics from Politehnica University of Bucharest in June 2009, a M.Sc. in Computer Science from Mälardalen University in June 2011, and a PhD degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from Mälardalen University in 2016. Her main research interest are model-based analysis and testing of embedded systems.

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Latest publications:

An Energy-aware Mutation Testing Framework for EAST-ADL Architectural Models (Oct 2017)
Raluca Marinescu, Predrag Filipovikj, Eduard Paul Enoiu, Jonatan Larsson , Cristina Seceleanu
29th Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory (NWPT'17)

Analyzing Industrial Simulink Models by Statistical Model Checking (Mar 2017)
Predrag Filipovikj, Nesredin Mahmud, Raluca Marinescu, Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas, Cristina Seceleanu, Oscar Ljungkrantz , Henrik Lönn
MRTC Report, Mälardalen Real-Time Research Centre (MRTC2017)

Automatic Test Generation for Energy Consumption of Embedded Systems Modeled in EAST-ADL (Mar 2017)
Raluca Marinescu, Eduard Paul Enoiu, Cristina Seceleanu, Daniel Sundmark
ICST workshop on Testing Extra-Functional Properties and Quality Characteristics of Software Systems (ITEQS'17)

Simulink to UPPAAL Statistical Model Checker: Analyzing Automotive Industrial Systems (Nov 2016)
Predrag Filipovikj, Nesredin Mahmud, Raluca Marinescu, Cristina Seceleanu, Oscar Ljungkrantz , Henrik Lönn
21st International Symposium on Formal Methods (FM2016)

Pruning Architectural Models of Automotive Embedded Systems via Dependency Analysis (Sep 2016)
Raluca Marinescu, Saad Mubeen, Cristina Seceleanu
42nd Euromicro Conference series on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (SEAA 2016)

A Research Overview of Tool-Supported Model-based Testing of Requirements-based Designs (Jul 2015)
Raluca Marinescu, Cristina Seceleanu, Helene Le Guen , Paul Pettersson
Advances in Computers, vol.98 (AC)