Anas Fattouh, Researcher

I am currently working as a Researcher at Mälardalen University. I received a Diploma of Engineering in Automatic Control and Industrial Electronics from Aleppo University in 1992, a DEA degree, and a PhD degree in Automatic Control from Automatic Laboratory of Grenoble, INPG, France in 1997 and 2000 respectively.

Anas Fattouh's research focuses on:
  • Control Systems: Time-Delay Systems, Networked Control System.
  • Scientific Computing: Numerical Methods, Simulation, Optimization.

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Latest publications:

A Comparative Analysis and Design of Controllers for Autonomous Bicycles (Jun 2021)
Niklas Persson, Tom Andersson , Anas Fattouh, Martin Ekström, Alessandro Papadopoulos
20th European Control Conference (ECC 2021)

A Real-Time Optimization Model for Production Planning in Quarry Sites (Apr 2021)
Anas Fattouh, Markus Bohlin, Daniel Sundmark
International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Applications (ICIEA 2021)

Enforcing Geofences for Managing Automated Transportation Risks in Production Sites (Sep 2020)
Muhammad Atif Javed, Faiz Ul Muram, Anas Fattouh, Sasikumar Punnekkat
Workshop on Dynamic Risk managEment for Autonomous Systems (DREAMS 2020)

Mobility, Residual Energy, and Link Quality Aware Multipath Routing in MANETs with Q-Learning Algorithm (Mar 2019)
Valmik Tilwari , Kaharudin Dimyati , M. N. Hindia , Anas Fattouh, Iraj Amiri
Applied Sciences--Special Issue "Emerging Paradigms and Architectures for Industry 4.0 Applications" (ApplSci'21)

LSHADE with Semi-Parameter Adaptation Hybrid with CMA-ES for Solving CEC 2017 Benchmark Problems (Jun 2017)
Ali Wagdy Mohamed , Anas A. Hadi , Anas Fattouh, Kamal M. Jambi
IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2017 (IEEE CEC'17)

Window-Based Channel Impulse Response Prediction for Time-Varying Ultra-Wideband Channels (Dec 2016)
A. M. Al-Samman , M. H. Azmi , Tharek Abd Rahman , I. A. Khan , M. N. Hindia , Anas Fattouh