Mir Riyanul Islam, Doctoral student

Mir Riyanul Islam is a Doctoral Student working as a member of the Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems group. His research interest lies over Theoretical Machine Learning and Learning Theory along with various intelligent applications built with technologies involving Artificial Intelligence.

He is involved in research and development since 2015 after completing his M.Sc. in Computer Science from American International University - Bangladesh. He completed his B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering from the same university in 2014. 

Prior to his doctoral studies, Mir Riyanul Islam participated in active teaching as a Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science in the Faculty of Science & Technology at American International University - Bangladesh. He conducted several basic courses of Computer Science Domain like Introduction to Programming Language, Data Structure, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, Concrete Mathematics, Object Oriented Analysis and Design etc.

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Latest publications:

Local and Global Interpretability using Mutual Information in Explainable Artificial Intelligence (Nov 2021)
Mir Riyanul Islam, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Shahina Begum
The 8th International Conference on Soft Computing & Machine Intelligence (ISCMI 2021)

Study on Human Subjects - Influence of Stress and Alcohol in Simulated Traffic Situations (Jul 2021)
Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Mir Riyanul Islam, Shaibal Barua, Bertil Hök, Emma Jonforsen , Shahina Begum
Open Research Europe (ORE)

A Novel Mutual Information based Feature Set for Drivers’ Mental Workload Evaluation using Machine Learning (Aug 2020)
Mir Riyanul Islam, Shaibal Barua, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Shahina Begum, Pietro Aricò , Gianluca Borghini , Gianluca Di Flumeri
Brain Sciences (Special Issue: Brain Plasticity, Cognitive Training and Mental States Assessment) (Brain Sci)

Deep Learning for Automatic EEG Feature Extraction: An Application in Drivers' Mental Workload Classification (Nov 2019)
Mir Riyanul Islam, Shaibal Barua, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Shahina Begum, Gianluca Di Flumeri
The 3rd International Symposium on Human Mental Workload: Models and Applications (H-WORKLOAD 2019)

Hypothyroid Disease Diagnosis with Causal Explanation using Case-based Reasoning and Domain-specific Ontology (Sep 2019)
Mir Riyanul Islam, Shaibal Barua, Shahina Begum, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed
Workshop on CBR in the Health Science (WHS ICCBR 2019)

Casualty in Explainable AI for Medical Applications (May 2019)
Shahina Begum, Mir Riyanul Islam, Shaibal Barua, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed
SciLifeLab Science Summit 2019 (SciLifeLab)