Arnab Barua, Doctoral student

I started my career at Subra Systems Limited in January 2017 as a software engineer. As a software
engineer, my responsibilities were, analyzing and gathering requirements for the framework and
creating a design for the final software output, developing web-based applications by using C#
computer programming language along with MSSQL database, splitting the project using agile
methodology, generating proper documentation and maintaining developed web applications.
I started my master’s degree at Xidian University in 2017 and I worked in a team as a member of the IoT
Lab under my supervisor. The main focus of the work of the team was the development of an “Intelligent
RF Sensing System for Human Activity and Health prediction.” In the team, members working with CSI
(Channel State Information) tools, SDR (Software Defined Radio) kits, and UWB module. In the team, I
was assigned to develop machine learning and deep learning algorithms and collect data from team
members and classify those data using algorithms. By joining the team, I gained experience in different
algorithms along with several types of wireless sensing technology.

During my master’s degree, I joined an IoT Lab of my university for my research work which was
focused on machine learning and from then I always feel comfortable doing research in the machine
learning area. In machine learning, statistics use to find patterns in large amounts of data, where data
means numbers, words, images etc. Nowadays, biometric health information is used in various
applications such as disease prediction, diagnosis, accurate medicine selection etc. and with the
development of various technologies, collection of biometric health data is now easy. But analyzing
a large amount of data is always a concern where machine learning plays a crucial role in the accurate