Johan Bergelin, Doctoral student

Johan is a Ph.D. student at Mälardalen University since July 2021. He received a master's degree in dependable systems from Mälardalen University in June 2021. He is a member of the doctoral student council and a mentor of the solar team project.

Johan is involved in the following courses:

DVA848 - model-based development for dependable systems

DVA206 - Kravhantering (Requirements management)

FLA401 - Project in dependable systems

Johan mainly is involved with Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) and works closely with the industry partner Volvo CE. He is also part of the AIDOaRt project working on the Volvo CE use case regarding architecture modeling. In this context, Johan is performing research on early validation.

Johan is also doing research on heterogenous battery systems. The research regards MBSE methodologies for developing such systems and has been evaluated on trains and is also being performed in colaboration with Volco CE. To further evaluate the concepts implementations are also being developed in the solar car project.