Mats Björkman, Professor

Mats Björkman i Professor in Computer Communication at Mälardalen University since 2001. He received his MSc in Computer Science in 1986 from Uppsala University, and his PhD in Computer Systems in 1993 also from Uppsala University. Previously, Mats has worked as a researcher at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) in Stockholm, Sweden, and at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona.

Mats Björkmans current research interests include computer network performance and predictability issues, and communication for small and embedded systems. One current focus is methods and methodology for available capacity measurement and prediction, another current focus is reliability issues (safety, security) for wireless sensor networks.

MSc theses supervised (or examined):
Thesis TitleStatus
A Generic System-level framework for Intelligent Sensor Data Management available
Creating Secure Small Office Network available
Dator och nätverksövervakning - En studie på Tele 2 selected
Design av trådlöst nätverk selected
IPv6-lösning till ett bankföretagsnätverk selected
A Network Security Analysis of Inter-Organisation Communication from Business-Critical Systems in progress
Att införa Ipv6 på en hostingplattform in progress
Developing platform fro TrimTrack in progress
Implementation av Cisco ISE in progress
Implementation av nätverk på ABB Arena in progress
Long-distance Bluetooth connection over IP in progress
Multiple UART connections via Ethernet in progress
Name-based Sockets - Continued Development in progress
Nätverksövervakning av hamnterminaler för ABB Crane Systems in progress
RAID-baserad backup med VPN-åtkomst in progress
Simulering av gripens interna nätverk in progress
Utveckling av ny nätverksdesign för att öka kapacitet, redundans och säkerhet in progress
Security Feature Test for Ethernet switches finished
A GIS platform for Win CE finished
A thesis in computer communications: Evaluation of a real time available bandwidth measurement method finished
Applying AUTOSAR in Practice - Available Development Tools and Migration Paths finished
Att införa Ipv6 på en hostingplattform finished
Centraliserad styrning av åtkomstlistor finished
Congestion Management at the Network Edge finished
Design and implementation of a small scale ISP finished
Development and setup of an environment for measuring of relevant parameters in a harsh environment using software defined radio finished
Development of a web-based interface for SDH finished
Electronic design optimization of vibration monitor instrument finished
Embedded Instrument Panel for Construction Equipment finished
Experimental study on smart antennas in low power wireless communication finished
Filsystem till massminne i rymden finished
Healthmonitoring with a SonyEricson, Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G sensors,... finished
Implementation av datainsamlingsverktyg med NetFlow på ISP finished
Implementation av IPv6 i Västerås stadsnät finished
Implementation of a secure network solutions for Project Area finished
Implementering av ett säkert trådlöst nät på SMHI finished
Implementering av OPC server för SNMP nätverksövervakning av FACTS anläggningar finished
Independent Local Locator Substrate Indirection Transport – ILLSIT finished
Indoor positioning system for Android phones finished
Java-baserad mobiltelefon som telefonist/call-center-funktion. finished
Konfigureringsverktyg till modem finished
LAN-uppgradering finished
Lossless Message Compression finished
MAS Remote finished
Modeling of FACTS Power System controller using IEC 61850 finished
Modelling and Characterization of Wireless Channels in Harsh Environments finished
Operatörslarm med WAP finished
Porting and verifying AROS to NS in LINUX/UNIX finished
Principles of a Central Database for Interfaces Regarding TCMS, PIS and CCTV Systems finished
Programvaruutveckling till USB I/O enhet finished
Protocol Performance Measurement Methology - A case Study with SS7 finished
Real-Time Operating System for a Video-on-Demand Server finished
Self Power Supplying Sensors finished
VPN Mesh for Industrial Network finished
Wireless Sensor Networks performance in High Voltage environment finished