Ning Xiong, Professor

Ning Xiong obtained the Ph.D with outstanding distinction from the University of Kaiserslautern (Germany) in 2000. His research addresses various aspects of computational intelligence techniques, incuding machine learning and big data analytics, evolutionary computing, fuzzy systems, uncertainty management, as well as multi-sensor data fusion, for building self-learning and adaptive systems in industrial and medical domains. He is serving as editorial board members for three international journals. He has been lead guest editor for a special issue in the journal "Neural Processing Letters" (Springer). He also has been programme committee members for a number of conferences and invited referee for many leading international journals.

Relevant conference information:

2018 the  3rd IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Applications (ICCIA2018), Hongkong, July 28-30, 2018,

PhD students supervised as main supervisor:

Jonatan Tidare
Miguel Leon Ortiz

PhD students supervised as assistant supervisor:

Ella Olsson (former)
Per Hellström
Shahina Begum (former)
Tomas Olsson (former)