Software Center Day

at Mälardalen University

Date: 15 April
Time: 09.00-14.00
Place: Room Beta, Mälardalen University, Västerås

Welcome to Software Centre Mälardalen

In Software Center, companies and universities work together to accelerate the adoption of novel approaches to software engineering. The cooperation between academia and companies creates the software engineering success stories that the Swedish- and Nordic industry needs. Let us tell you why.

The Nordic countries have a 30 year old history in being one of the most successful developers of software systems. We still have the prerequisites to be a world leader. Other parts of the world have dared to think and do different and are moving ahead. They see software engineering as a critical core capability where best practice are changing rapidly. So does Software Center and that is why eight companies and five universities have decided to put effort and time to be our strategic partners. It pays back.

The goal is 10 x productivity in 10 years. To reach the goal companies and universities work together in four different themes. More than 15 projects are proceeding in this very moment and there are more to come. Software Center is continuously developing their partnerships and methods.

Jan Bosch Director of Software Centre Chalmers

Software Center is operated in partnership between Chalmers University of Technology, the University of Gothenburg, Malmö University, Linköping University, Mälardalen University and the eight companies Ericsson, Volvo Cars, Volvo, Saab Group, Axis Communications, Jeppesen, Grundfos and Tetra Pak.

Software Centre (SWC) is a new initiative in Mälardalen, and we at Mälardalen University decided to join Software Centre (SWC) for three main reasons:

  1. The unique funding and cooperation model employed, which nicely complements our other forms of collaborative research with industrial partners. Projects in SWC are run in sprints and funding is provided by cash contributions from both industrial and academic partners.
  2. The networking and cooperation with important industrial and academic players made available by SWC.
  3. The lack of a major national research initiative in software development. We see SWC as a strong candidate to take such a role, by providing a platform for collaborative research aiming to strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish companies dealing with software intensive products and services.

In a time when everyone is talking about “digitalization”, the importance of software and our ability to manage all aspects of software cannot be underes-timated. SWC is in this perspective well positioned in topic and time, and by extending SWC into the Swedish heartland of Mälardalen it will be even better positioned also geographically. To strengthen Swedish software related competitiveness, it is important that industry and research join forces to ensure competence and availability of people, as well as our ability to efficiently handle the increasingly more sophisticated software-based systems that emerge. SWC is in impor-tant initiative, as it brings researchers and practitioners closer together. The aim of Software Centre Day Mälardalen is to inform about Software Centre and related research, but also to invite new partners to join.

Welcome to Software Centre Mälardalen!

Malin Rosqvist Research Coordinator
Hans Hansson Professor of Real-Time Systems Embedded Systems at Mälardalen University