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“Software is the soul of Swedish industry” is an expression of that software is a business-critical resource for large parts of Swedish industry and an important source of innovation and competitiveness. Through the PROMPT project, we intend to establish a national training initiative with the goal of ensuring the supply of software-related advanced skills and innovation to Swedish industry. PROMPT is an open initiative that welcomes the participation of other companies and institutions in addition to those already involved. A special focus will be on effective methods for flexible learning that allows participation rate independent of time and space. This will facilitate the participation also of corporate stakeholders.

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An Education-oriented ISO 26262 Interpretation Combined with Constructive Alignment (Jun 2015)
Barbara Gallina
1st International Workshop on Software Process Education, Training and Professionalism (SPETP-2015)

Gemensamma krafter för kompetensförsörjning (presentation) (May 2015)
Malin Rosqvist, Hans Hansson, Madelene Zetterlind , Salem Seifeddine
Högskola och Samhälle i Samverkan (HSS´15)

Hans Hansson, Professor

Room: U3-076
Phone: +46 21 103163

Malin Rosqvist, Research project manager

Phone: +46 70 235 22 32