Serendipity - Secure and dependable platforms for autonomy



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To take full advantage of our increasingly connected and autonomous world, we need technologies to build platforms that are secure and dependable by design. We need security solutions developed not for a particular application area, but for connected, heterogeneous, timesensitive cyberphysical systems and largescale systemsofsystems.

The security solutions need to be scalable and adapted to an open environment where nodes, services and users vary over time. The timely and continuously available security services need to be maintained and should remain transparent to the user. Traditional dependable platforms are designed to provide dependable service, including features such as redundancybased fault tolerance, selfmonitoring, selfhealing, and selfreconfiguring. We claim that security and safety can be addressed in a uniform manner based on these features, since, if used properly, they could be suitable to discover and neutralize intruders and adversaries. In Serendipity, we will develop new technologies and a platform for safetycritical connected cyberphysical systems that leverage existing techniques for dependable systems and augment them with scalable security solutions for open and heterogeneous systems.

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Securing System-of-Systems through a Game Theory Approach (Mar 2021)
Jamal El Hachem , Elena Lisova, Aida Causevic
The 36th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium On Applied Computing (SAC2021)

Performance Analysis of an Energy-Harvesting IoT System Using a UAV Friendly Jammer and NOMA Under Cooperative Attack (Dec 2020)
Van Nhan Vo , Chakchai So-In , Tran Hung, Dung Duc Tran , Tung Pham Huu

Peculiar Times Being Used to Analyze and Plan Ahead [Connected and Autonomous Vehicles] (Dec 2020)
Elisabeth Uhlemann
IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine (VTM)

Network Fault Tolerance by Means of Diverse Physical Layers (Sep 2020)
Pablo Gutiérrez Peón, Wilfried Steiner , Elisabeth Uhlemann
The 25th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA2020)

Safe Design of Flow Management Systems Using Rebeca (Sep 2020)
Giorgio Forcina, Ali Sedaghatbaf, Stephan Baumgart, Ali Jafari , Ehsan Khamespanah , Pavle Mrvaljevic , Marjan Sirjani
Journal of Information Processing (IPSJ)

An Actor-based Approach for Security Analysis of Cyber-Physical Systems (Sep 2020)
Fereidoun Moradi, Sara Abbaspour Asadollah, Ali Sedaghatbaf, Aida Causevic, Marjan Sirjani, Carolyn Talcott
25th International Conference on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems (FMICS20)