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Emerging network technologies, including the next generation mobile technology (5G), will form the backbone of future healthcare. 5G is a key enabling technology for the Internet of Things, Smart Pharmaceuticals, and Individualized Medicine. The features of 5G, such as low latency, reliability, performance, and flexibility, enable novel features to and better quality of eHealth services. The aim of our project is to identify novel use cases of eHealth that take advantage of 5G capabilities, study and develop 5G enablers for the use cases, develop and validate actual eHealth solutions in real environments and real 5G test networks, and disseminate and exploit the results. The project will study selected high-impact and industry-driven use cases for future eHealth enabled by 5G. So far, we have identified three potential eHealth scenarios: healthcare@home, hospital environment of the future, and emergency situations; all including technology-focused sub-use cases benefitting from 5G. The aim is to refine the scenarios and use cases during the project together with partners in order to increase the societal, business, and scientific impacts of the project.

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IoT and Fog computing
Instructors: Mohammad Ashjaei, Hossein Fotouhi
2019-02-21 2019-05-16 7.5

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UML-based Modeling and Analysis of 5G Service Orchestration (Nov 2020)
Ashalatha Kunnappilly, Peter Backeman, Cristina Seceleanu

Verification and Validation of Concurrent and Distributed Systems (Track Summary) (Oct 2020)
Marieke Huisman , Cristina Seceleanu
9th International Symposium on Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods (ISoLA 2020)

Deep learning-based motion activity recognition using smartphone sensors (Jul 2020)
Saedeh Abbaspour Gildeh, Faranak Fotouhi , Hossein Fotouhi, Maryam Vahabi, Maria Lindén
12th International Conference on e-Health (e-Health'20)

Cuckoo-PC: An Evolutionary Synchronization-Aware Placement of SDN Controllers for Optimizing the Network Performance in WSNs (Jun 2020)
Shirin Tahmasebi , Mohadeseh Safi , Somayeh Zolfid , Mohammad Reza Maghsoudi , Hamid Reza Faragardi, Hossein Fotouhi
MDPI Sensors Journal, Special Issue on Software-Defined Networking for Sensor Networks and Internet of Things (SDN'20)

An Energy-Efficient Evolutionary Clustering Technique for Disaster Management in IoT Networks (May 2020)
Morteza Biabani , Hossein Fotouhi, Nasser Yazdani
MDPI Sensors Journal, Special Issue on Internet of Things for Smart Community Solutions (Community'20)

Particle Filter for Handoff Prediction in SDN-based IoT Networks (Feb 2020)
Iliar Rabet, Shunmuga Priyan Selvaraju, Maryam Vahabi, Hossein Fotouhi, Mats Björkman
International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks 2020 (EWSN)

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