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Doctoral Thesis (17)

Improving Differential Evolution with Adaptive and Local Search Methods (Dec 2019)
Miguel Leon Ortiz

Wearable Pedobarography System for Monitoring of Walk Related Parameters (Oct 2019)
Per Hellström

Shaibal Barua

An interactive health technology solution for encouraging physical activity (Mar 2018)
Anna Åkerberg
Doctoral Thesis (PhD Thesis)

Head-mounted Projection Display to Support and Improve Motion Capture Acting (Aug 2016)
Daniel Kade

A Data-Driven Approach to Remote Fault Diagnosis of Heavy-duty Machines (Oct 2015)
Tomas Olsson
Doctoral Thesis (PhD Thesis)

Measurement System for Microwave Imaging Towards a Biomedical Application (May 2014)
Nikola Petrovic

Towards Predictable and Reliable Wireless Communication in Harsh Environments (Jan 2013)
Martin Ekström

A Multimodal approach for clinical diagnosis and treatment (Nov 2011)
Mobyen Uddin Ahmed

A personalised case-based stress diagnosis system using physiological sensor signals (Jun 2011)
Shahina Begum

Fault Diagnosis of Industrial Machines Using Sensor Signals and Case-Based Reasoning (Aug 2009)
Ella Olsson

Contribution to Quantitative Microwave Imaging Techniques for Biomedical Application (Jun 2009)
Tommy Henriksson

Propagation Environment Modeling Using Scattered Field Chamber (Nov 2006)
Magnus Otterskog

Algorithms and Protocols Enhancing Mobility Support for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Bluetooth and Zigbee (Sep 2006)
Javier Garcia Castaño

Implementation of digital-serial LDI/LDD allpass filters (Sep 2006)
Krister Landernäs

Measurements of Respiratory Carbon Dioxide (Jun 2005)
Mia Folke

A Canonical Model of the Primary Visual Cortex (Mar 2005)
Baran Çürüklü

Licentiate Thesis (16)

Collaborative Adaptive Autonomous Agents (Sep 2018)
Mirgita Frasheri

Enhancing Differential Evolution Algorithm for Solving continuous Optimization Problems (Dec 2016)
Miguel Leon Ortiz

Wireless Wearable Measurement System Based on Pedobarography for Monitoring of Health (Sep 2016)
Per Hellström

Signal processing for MEMS sensor based motion analysis system (May 2016)
Jiaying Du

High Performance Breath Analysis (Jan 2016)
Jonas Ljungblad

Intelligent Driver Mental State Monitoring System Using Physiological Sensor Signals (Oct 2015)
Shaibal Barua

Wireless Measurement Systems for Health and Safety (Oct 2015)
Torbjörn Ödman

Proposing Combined Approaches to Remove ECG Artifacts from Surface EMG Signals (Apr 2015)
Sara Abbaspour

Resource Optimized Stereo Matching in Reconfigurable Hardware for Autonomous Systems (Sep 2011)
Fredrik Ekstrand

Non-invasive techniques for assessment of peripheral blood flow at different vascular depths (May 2011)
Jimmie Hagblad

A case-based Multi-modal clinical system for stress management. (Apr 2010)
Mobyen Uddin Ahmed

Microwave Imaging of Biological Tissues: applied toward breast tumor detection (Apr 2007)
Tommy Henriksson

Pressure Sore Etiology - Highlighted with Optical Measurements of the Blood Flow (May 2006)
Annika Kaisdotter Andersson (Jonsson)

Jens Lönnblad

Layout and Function of the Intracortical Connections within the Primary Visual Cortex (Dec 2003)
Baran Çürüklü

An Intelligent Non-Contact based Approach for Monitoring Driver’s Cognitive Load
Hamidur Rahman

Book (5)

Hardware Accelerators for Deep Learning (May 2020)
Masoud Daneshtalab, Mehdi Modarressi
Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

Advances in computational science and computing (Dec 2018)
Ning Xiong, Xiao Zheng, Tong Zhao, Lipo Wang , Maozhen Li
Advances in computational science and computing (ACSC)

Body Sensors and Electrocardiography (Aug 2017)
Roman Trobec, Ivan Tomasic, Aleksandra Rashkovska , Matjaž Depolli , Viktor Avbelj

Navigation in a box. Stereovision for industry automation (Oct 2010)
Giacomo Spampinato, Jörgen Lidholm, Fredrik Ekstrand, Carl Ahlberg, Mikael Ekström, Lars Asplund

Jacobsons Medicin och Teknik (Jan 2006)
Maria Lindén, Åke Öberg

Book chapter (11)

Computation reuse-aware accelerator for neural networks (May 2020)
Hoda Mahdiani , Alireza Khadem , Ali Yasoubi , Azam Ghanbari , Mehdi Modarressi, Masoud Daneshtalab
Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

Hardware Acceleration for Recurrent Neural Networks (May 2020)
Sima Sinaei, Masoud Daneshtalab
Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

Feedforward Neural Networks on Massively Parallel Architectures (May 2020)
Reza Hojabr , Ahmad Khonsari , Mehdi Modarressi, Masoud Daneshtalab
Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Multi-Agent Mission Planning Problems (Jan 2020)
Branko Miloradovic, Baran Çürüklü, Mikael Ekström, Alessandro Papadopoulos

Evaluating the Sense of Safety and Security in Human–Robot Interaction with Older People (Jul 2019)
Neziha Akalin , Annica Kristoffersson, Amy Loutfi

Elasticity (Jan 2019)
Vincenzo Gulisano , Marina Papatriantafilou , Alessandro Papadopoulos
Encyclopedia of Big Data Technologies (EncyclopediaBDT)

Multiobjectivism in Dark Silicon Age (Apr 2018)
Amin Rezaei , Masoud Daneshtalab, Hai Zhou
Elsevier Advances in Computers (Computers)

Adaptive Differential Evolution Supports Automatic Model Calibration in Furnace Optimized Control System (Jan 2017)
Miguel Leon Ortiz, Magnus Evestedt , Ning Xiong
Computational Intelligence (CI)

Physiological Sensor Signals Analysis to Represent Cases in a Case-based Diagnostic System (Jan 2012)
Shahina Begum, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Peter Funk
Innovations in Knowledge-based Systems in Biomedicine

Intelligent Signal Analysis Using Case-Based Reasoning for Decision Support in Stress Management (Jan 2010)
Shahina Begum, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Ning Xiong, Peter Funk
Computational Intelligence in Healthcare 4

Case-Based Reasoning for Medical and Industrial Decision Support Systems (Jan 2010)
Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Shahina Begum, Ning Xiong, Peter Funk
Successful Case-based Reasoning Applications

Collection (Editor) (2)

Real-World Data Collection with UYANIK (Jan 2009)
Hüseyin Abut , Hakan Erdogan , Aytul Ercil , Baran Çürüklü, Hakki Can Koman , Fatih Tas , Ali Özgur Argunsah , Serhan Cosar , Batu Akan, Harun Karabalkan , Emre Cökelek , Rahmi Ficici , Volkan Sezer , Serhan Danis , Mehmet Karaca , Mehmet Abbak , Mustafa Gökhan Uzunbaş , Kayhan Eritmen , Mümin Imamoğlu , Caglar Kalaycıoglu
Vehicle Corpus and Signal Processing for Driver Behavior

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