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Doctoral Thesis (38)

Methods for Efficient and Adaptive Scheduling of Next-Generation Time-Triggered Networks (Oct 2019)
Francisco Pozo

Automated Approaches for Formal Verification of Embedded Systems Artifacts (May 2019)
Predrag Filipovikj

Monitoring for Securing Clock Synchronization (Apr 2018)
Elena Lisova

A Model-driven Development Approach with Temporal Awareness for Vehicular Embedded Systems (Jan 2018)
Alessio Bucaioni

Consolidating Automotive Real-Time Applications on Many-Core Platforms (Dec 2017)
Matthias Becker
Doctoral Thesis (PhD Thesis)

Real-Time Communication over Switched Ethernet with Resource Reservation (Nov 2016)
Mohammad Ashjaei

Automatic Test Generation for Industrial Control Software (Oct 2016)
Eduard Paul Enoiu

Static Execution Time Analysis of Parallel Systems (May 2016)
Andreas Gustavsson

Adaptive and Flexible Scheduling Frameworks for Component-Based Real-Time Systems (Nov 2015)
Nima Khalilzad

Introducing Mode Switch in Component-Based Software Development (Sep 2015)
Hang Yin

Hierarchical scheduling for predictable execution of real-time software components and legacy systems (Dec 2014)
Rafia Inam

Communications-Oriented Modeling and Development of Vehicular Distributed Embedded Systems (Jun 2014)
Saad Mubeen
Doctoral Thesis (PhD Thesis 2014)

Unmasking fault tolerance (Feb 2014)
Nils Müllner

Formal Approaches for Behavioral Modeling and Analysis of Design-time Services and Service Negotiations (Dec 2013)
Aida Causevic

Parametric WCET Analysis (Jun 2013)
Stefan Bygde

Data Management in Component-Based Embedded Real-Time Systems (Jun 2012)
Andreas Hjertström

Pragmatic Approaches for Timing Analysis of Real-Time Embedded Systems (Jun 2012)
Yue Lu

Resource Sharing in Real-Time Systems on Multiprocessors (May 2012)
Farhang Nemati

On Safe and Secure Communication in Process Automation (Nov 2011)
Johan Åkerberg

“Jag älskar att allt ligger överst”: En designstudie av ytinteraktion för kollaborativa multimedia-framträdanden (Jun 2009)
Rikard Lindell

Adaptive Bounding Volume Hierarchies for Efficient Collision Queries (Jan 2009)
Thomas Larsson

Efficient Memory Utilization in Resource Constrained Real-Time Systems (Jun 2008)
Kaj Hänninen

Structural System-Level Testing of Embedded Real-Time Systems (Feb 2008)
Daniel Sundmark

Reverse Engineering of Legacy Real-Time Systems: An Automated Approach Based on Execution-Time Recording (Jun 2007)
Joel Huselius

Event Pattern Detection for Embedded Systems (Jun 2007)
Jan Carlson

Share-Driven Scheduling of Embedded Networks (May 2006)
Thomas Nolte

Combining Off-line Schedule Construction and Fixed Priority Scheduling in Real-Time Computer Systems (Sep 2005)
Radu Dobrin

Adapting to Varying Demands in Resource Constrained Real-Time Devices (Sep 2005)
Tomas Lennvall

Retrieve and Classify (Aug 2005)
Markus Nilsson

Crossing Boundaries, Focusing Foundations, Trying Translations: Feminist Technoscience Strategies in Computer Science (May 2005)
Christina Björkman

Flexible Scheduling for Media Processing in Resource Constrained Real-Time Systems (Nov 2004)
Damir Isovic

Cache and Compiler Interaction (how to analyze, optimize and time cache behavior) (Jan 2004)
Xavier Vera

A Modular Tool Architecture for Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis (Jun 2003)
Andreas Ermedahl

Analysis and Design of Real-Time Control Systems with Varying Control Timing Constraints (Jul 2002)
Pau Marti

Enforcing Temporal Constraints in Embedded Control Systems (Apr 2002)
Kristian Sandström

Monitoring, Testing and Debugging of Distributed Real-Time Systems (May 2000)
Henrik Thane

Analyzing Execution-Time of Object-Oriented Programs Using Abstract Interpretation (May 2000)
Jan Gustafsson

Modelling and Verification of Real-Time Systems Using Timed Automata: Theory and Practice (Feb 1999)
Paul Pettersson

Licentiate Thesis (58)

Automatic Model Generation and Scalable Verification for Autonomous Vehicles (Jun 2020)
Rong Gu

Improving the Quality Attributes of a Monolithic Messaging Gateway (Jun 2020)
Daniel Brahneborg

Formally Assured Intelligent Systems for Enhanced Ambient Assisted Living Support (Apr 2019)
Ashalatha Kunnappilly

Systematic Design of Data Management for Real-Time Data-Intensive Applications (Jun 2017)
Simin Cai

Similarity based test effort reduction (Apr 2017)
Daniel Flemström

Pattern-based Specification and Formal Analysis of Embedded Systems Requirements and Behavioral Models (Apr 2017)
Predrag Filipovikj

Synthesis of Extremely Large Time-Triggered Network Schedules (Apr 2017)
Francisco Pozo

Medium Access Control for Wireless Networks with Diverse Real-Time and Reliability Requirements (Nov 2016)
Pablo Gutiérrez Peón

A Decision Support System for Integration Test Selection (Oct 2016)
Sahar Tahvili

Securing Clock Synchronization in Industrial Heterogeneous Networks (May 2016)
Elena Lisova

Raising Abstraction of Timing Analysis through Model-Driven Engineering (Dec 2015)
Alessio Bucaioni

Efficient Resource Management for Many-Core based Industrial Real-Time Systems (Nov 2015)
Matthias Becker

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