Model-Based Engineering of Embedded Systems


Development of methods and tools for model-based engineering of embedded systems. Including: models for architectural and behavioral descriptions of system and requirements for systems, techniques for analyzing and transforming models, and runtime architectures for resource efficient, predictable embedded systems.

Here you find some of the achievements of MEES group and code of our implementations.

  • Hierarchical scheduling framework implementation in FreeRTOS operating system can be downloaded from this link.
  • Rafia is the author/developer of the Multi-Resource server  that provides composable hierarchical scheduling on multi-core platforms. We extend traditional server-resources by associating a memory-bandwidth to each server; thus a multi-resource server has both CPU-bandwidth and memory bandwidth allocated to it. The multi-resource servers are useful to provide partitioning, composability and predictability in both hard and soft real-time systems.
Project TitleStatus
BUMBLE - Blended Modelling for Enhanced Software and Systems Engineering active
DESTINE: Developing Predictable Vehicle Software Utilizing Time Sensitive Networking active
DPAC - Dependable Platforms for Autonomous systems and Control active
FAST-ARTS: Fast and Sustainable Analysis Techniques for Advanced Real-Time Systems active
HERO: Heterogeneous systems - software-hardware integration active
Serendipity - Secure and dependable platforms for autonomy active
CARTCOM - Monitoring and Probabilistic Analysis of Component-Based Embedded Control Systems finished
CHESS finished
DeepMaker: Deep Learning Accelerator on Commercial Programmable Devices finished
EEMDEF finished
Femmva - Functional- and execution-models in modern electronic vehicle architectures finished
HEAVE finished
ITS-EASY Post Graduate School for Embedded Software and Systems finished
MOMENTUM: analysis of models towards compilation to predictable embedded real-time and safety-critical applications finished
MultEx finished
Multi-Aspectual Data Management of Embedded Real-Time Systems finished
PPMsched - Performance Preserving Multicore Scheduling finished
RALF3 - Software for Embedded High Performance Architectures finished
Real-time Heterogeneous Systems finished
SMARTCore: Model-driven support for deployment optimization of embedded systems on multicore finished
Strategic Knowledge Enhancement: International Visiting Professor, Alfonso Pierantonio finished
SynthSoft - Synthesizing Predictable Software for Distributed Embedded Systems finished
Timing Predictions of Complex Embedded Systems finished

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Offloading Accelerator-intensive Workloads in CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Processors (Sep 2021)
Nandinbaatar Tsog, Saad Mubeen, Fredrik Bruhn, Moris Behnam, Mikael Sjödin
26th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation ( ETFA 2021)

Model-based Automation of Test Script Generation Across Product Variants: a Railway Perspective (May 2021)
Alessio Bucaioni, Fabio Di Silvestro , Inderjeet Singh , Mehrdad Saadatmand , Henry Muccini , Thorvaldur Jochumsson
2nd ACM/IEEE International Conference on Automation of Software Test (AST 2021)

Supporting Autonomous Vehicle Applications on the Heterogeneous System Architecture (May 2021)
Nandinbaatar Tsog, Marielle Gallardo, Sweta Chakraborty, Torbjörn Martinson, Alexandra Hengl, Magnus Moberg, Adem Sen, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Shahina Begum, Moris Behnam, Mikael Sjödin, Saad Mubeen
7th international Conference on the Engineering of Computer Based Systems (ECBS 2021)

On Sustainability for Offset Based Response-Time Analysis (May 2021)
Jukka Mäki-Turja, Kaj Hänninen, Mikael Sjödin
European Conference on the Engineering of Computer-Based Systems (ECBS)

Towards Automatic Application Fingerprinting Using Performance Monitoring Counters (May 2021)
Shamoona Imtiaz, Jakob Danielsson, Moris Behnam, Gabriele Capannini, Jan Carlson, Marcus Jägemar
7th international Conference on the Engineering of Computer Based Systems (ECBS 2021)

Aligning Architecture with Business Goals in the Automotive Domain (Mar 2021)
Alessio Bucaioni, Patrizio Pelliccione , Rebekka Wohlrab

Mikael Sjödin, Professor,Research Leader

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