Ubiquitous Computing


Computing as environmental process and environment as computing devices. Computational devices become ever smaller, distributed and increasingly integrated into the surroundings; they disappear into environment with only the user interface remaining perceivable for users. Ubicomp studies both intrinsic computing, as it appears in nature, and designed computing, that converges towards ambient intelligence. Research has human-centric focus with emphasis on interaction; user experience and cognitive support that alleviates users informational overload as well as extend cognition.

Ubiquitous computing (ambient computing) is an emerging research field based on a new concept of computing as a part of users environment. Unlike previous forms of computing: mainframes, PC s, and present day distributed computing, ubiquitous computing can be implemented using variety of devices and formats available throughout the physical environment, deeply embedding computation in the world thus making them effectively invisible to the user (Mark Weiser). Envisaged Ubicomp technologies supporting ambient intelligence are embedded, adaptive, anticipatory and context aware.

Read more on UBICOMP at:

http://ubiquity.acm.org/ ACM journal Ubiquity covers both natural as well as designed ubiquitous computing.

http://www.nyteknik.se/nyheter/it_telekom/allmant/article230491.ece Ny Teknik article (in Swedish)


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Using Artificial Neural Network to Provide Realistic Lifting Capacity in the Mobile Crane Simulation (Jun 2021)
Simon Roysson , Taufik Akbar Sitompul, Rikard Lindell
22nd International Conference on Engineering Applications of Neural Networks (EANN 2021)

Towards Automatic Application Fingerprinting Using Performance Monitoring Counters (May 2021)
Shamoona Imtiaz, Jakob Danielsson, Moris Behnam, Gabriele Capannini, Jan Carlson, Marcus Jägemar
7th international Conference on the Engineering of Computer Based Systems (ECBS 2021)

Thou Shalt Not Move - A Visibility-based Emergency Stop System for Smart Industries (May 2021)
Gabriele Capannini, Jan Carlson, Roger Mellander
7th international Conference on the Engineering of Computer Based Systems (ECBS 2021)

Application of Human Factors in the Development Process of Immersive Visual Technologies: Challenges and Future Improvements (Mar 2021)
Mina Saghafian , Taufik Akbar Sitompul, Karin Laumann , Kristina Sundnes , Rikard Lindell
Frontiers in Psychology (FPsyg)

Classifying Excavator Collisions Based on Users’ Visual Perception in the Mixed Reality Environment (Feb 2021)
Viking Forsman , Markus Wallmyr, Taufik Akbar Sitompul, Rikard Lindell
5th International Conference on Human Computer Interaction Theory and Applications (HUCAPP 2021)

Conceptual Design and Evaluation of Windshield Displays for Excavators (Nov 2020)
Taufik Akbar Sitompul, Markus Wallmyr, Rikard Lindell
Multimodal Technologies and Interaction (MTI)

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