Md Aquif Rahman (not working at IDT anymore)


- A master thesis student in Sustainable Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology with one - year practical experience in data analysis and resource management at an industry.

- Advanced knowledge in industrial ecology, circular economy, resource flow, cleaner production measures and life cycle analysis.

- Research experience in data mapping, regression analysis, data analysis using python, life cycle analysis using LCA software and, material and energy flow analysis.

- Work experience in energy management, operational management, and technical analysis of any system.

- Goal orientated, team player, good adaptability and consistently working for professional development by acquiring new skills.

- Excellent communication skills in both written and spoken form in English and, working knowledge in Swedish.

- Currently, completing my master’s thesis on potential biochar production capacity in Kenya and it’s impacts on climate change from a life cycle perspective.

I am an engineer with both research and professional experience, specialized in energy and sustainability, skilled in resource management, life cycle analysis, statistical analysis and data analysis. I am actively looking for opportunities to work in the field of data analysis.

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Latest publications:

A Survey on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and eXplainable AI in Air Traffic Management: Current Trends and Development with Future Research Trajectory (Jan 2022)
Augustin Degas , Mir Riyanul Islam, Christophe Hurter , Shaibal Barua, Hamidur Rahman, Minesh Poudel , Daniele Ruscio , Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Shahina Begum, Md Aquif Rahman, Stefano Bonelli , Giulia Cartocci , Gianluca Di Flumeri , Gianluca Borghini , Fabio Babiloni , Pietro Aricò
Applied Sciences - Computing and Artificial Intelligence (Special Issue: Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)) (ApplSci XAI)