About FiC
About FiC

Partner groups

Distributed Computing and Systems Group at CSE department at Chalmers University of Technology

The group consists of 20 researchers and is acknowledged internationally as leader in practical multicore algorithms and programming (results adopted by Java JDK, C++, Intel, NVIDIA), parallelization in data streaming, resulting in pioneering methods for big data stream processing (ScaleGate), with applications in cyberphysical systems in energy and transportation (ACM Grand Challenge award of the DEBS conf. 2015), sensor networks and security. Selected list of projects: VR Fine-Grain Synchronization and Consistency in Multicores, EU CRISALIS, EU KARYON, EU EXCESS, EU PEPPHER, SSF FiC, SSF Sheme.

High Integrity Systems Engineering at University of York

The High Integrity Systems Engineering (HISE) group undertakes work on systems and software engineering, with a focus on critical applications, especially safety and security. The group undertakes research and through its strong industrial links is enabled to validate research ideas on real-world problems in domains as diverse as aerospace and healthcare. HISE has strong international links, working with Universities and companies in Australasia, Europe, North and South America including Rolls Royce PLC, BAE systems, Jaguar Land Rover and the National Health Service.