Muhammad Abbas, Industrial Doctoral Student

Muhammad Abbas is a Researcher at RISE SICS, Västerås. His research is focused on variability modeling & testing for cyber-physical systems. Before coming to Västerås he was Instructor at NUCES, Islamabad where he taught labs of courses like Software Testing, Computer Programming, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, and Data Structures. In addition, he has experience of Mobile/Web Applications Development, Modeling Tools Development, and development of Domain-Specific Languages. He also worked as a Research Assistant at the Software Quality Engineering & Testing Laboratory at NUCES, Islamabad.

Served as a Reviewer for the following Journals/Conferences:

  • IET Software, 2019
  • ICIT SS, 2020
  • ISEC, 2020, 2021 (Sub)
  • Euromicro SEAA, 2020 (Sub)
  • PeerJ CS, 2020 (Sub)

Invited Talks:

  • Oct 2020, "Chaotic Reuse: Challenges, Opportunities and a solution" at NUCES, Islamabad

Mentoring and Supervision:

  • Parastu Rahgozar, Summer Intern in NLP for SE at RISE. MSc Student from KTH, Summer 2019
  • Christoffer Parkkila, "Clone detection in model-based design: an evaluation in the safety-critical railway domain", MSc Thesis at MDH, 2021
  • Anxhelina Hoxha, "Feature Location in Cloned Simulink Variants", MSc Thesis at MDH, 2021