Muhammad Nouman Zafar, Doctoral student

Muhammad Nouman Zafar is a PhD Researcher at MDH, Västerås. His research is focused on Software testing for cyber-physical systems. He is an experienced Lecturer and Dot Net Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the leisure, travel & tourism industry. Skilled in Object Oriented Design, HTML, CSS, Crystal Reporting, SQL, Software Requirements, and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). Strong engineering professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Computer Software Engineering from National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST). In addition, he has experience of Mobile/Web Applications Development (Asp .Net, C#, Java, VB, C++), Model Transformation Tools Development (Acceleo, QVT, OCL), and Domain-Specific Languages, and multiple design patterns (i.e. Singleton, Strategic, Factory etc.). He also worked as a member at the Model Driven Software Engineering Group at NUST, Islamabad.

His research interest lies in Model Driven Software Engineering, Empirical Software Engineering, Embedded Systems, Big data and Internet of Things (IoTs).

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Latest publications:

A Model-driven Alarms Framework (MAF) with Mobile Clients Support for Wide-ranging Industrial Control Systems (Sep 2020)
Hanny Tufail , Farooque Azam , Muhammad Waseem Anwar , Muhammad Nouman Zafar, Abdul Wahab Muzaffar , Wasi Haider
IEEE Access (ACCESS'20)

A Model-Driven Mobile HMI Framework (MMHF) for Industrial Control Systems (Jan 2020)
Iqra Qasim , Muhammad Waseem Anwar , Farooque Azam , Hanny Tufail , Wasi Haider , Muhammad Nouman Zafar
IEEE Access (ACCESS'20)

A Systematic Review of Big Data Analytics Using Model Driven Engineering (Sep 2017)
Muhammad Nouman Zafar, Farooque Azam , Saad Rehmad , Muhammad Waseem Anwar
International Conference on Cloud and Big Data Computing (ICCBDC 2017)

Towards Adaptive and Responsive Web Design: A Systematic Literature Review
Nazish Yousaf , Aleena Arshad , Muhammad Nouman Zafar, Umar Arshad