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DPAC - Dependable Platforms for Autonomous systems and Control
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Manager: Kristina Lundqvist
Duration: Sep 2015 - Aug 2023
Publications: 595
ABB AB, Control Technologies
ABB Corporate Research
Alten Sverige AB
Arcticus Systems AB
Bombardier Transportation
Ericsson AB
Saab AB, Avionics Systems
Unibap AB
Volvo Construction Equipment AB
Volvo Group Trucks Technology
Research groups:
Complex Real-Time Embedded Systems
Cyber-Physical Systems Analysis
Formal Modelling and Analysis of Embedded Systems
Model-Based Engineering of Embedded Systems
Safety-Critical Engineering

The DPAC profile establishes a leading research profile targeting dependable platforms for autonomous systems and control, hosted at Mälardalen University in the Embedded Systems (ES) research environment. This will be accomplished through close collaboration and interaction between ES research groups at MDH and the participating industrial companies. The profile will leverage our solid track record of close cooperation to conduct excellent research, knowledge transfer, and support commercialization with industrial partners. DPAC shall create synergy effects between the partners and a significant increase in coproduction is to be expected.

The ultimate goal of the DPAC profile is to establish a nationally leading and internationally renowned research centre that facilitate close cooperation between academia and industry to achieve a significant increase in research and available knowhow on advanced dependable platforms for embedded systems. Embedded computer systems are nowadays incorporated in many kinds of products including many mission critical applications such as trains, autonomous utility vehicles, aviation, smart grid power management etc. These systems offer advanced functionality and serve an important role for the competitiveness of companies and the future national and global infrastructure. The scientific and technical results of DPAC will support future innovation by providing dependable platforms that can be used to efficiently realize dependable, reliable and safe electronically controlled products.

Four established research groups from MDH will in addition to the staff from companies provide the core competence thrust within DPAC. The research will be organized around three main research areas:

  • Predictability and dependability in parallel architectures
  • Autonomous systems and control
  • Design methodologies

These combined competences give DPAC a unique opportunity to address system-wide research challenges that span several traditional research areas and wide industrial applications as well as forming a robust basis for the research in DPAC.

DPAC brings a wide industrial participation ranging from small-medium enterprises to large multinational corporations. The initial industrial partners are; ABB CRC, ABB Control Technologies, Alten, Arcticus Systems, Bombardier Transportation, BAP, Enea, Ericsson, Hök Instruments, Saab, Volvo Construction Equipment, and Volvo Group Trucks Technology. These companies represent the core of this proposal’s research target and will bring their unique competence and relevant use-cases to facilitate and strengthen the research within DPAC.

DPAC allows a unique opportunity for ES to focus established researchers and new recruits towards the area of dependable systems and platforms. This area is identified as key-area for future growth in both education and research, and where industrial support is already large and anticipated to grow further during the coming decade.

Latest Publications:
Jul 2024 Guess and then Check: Controller Synthesis for Safe and Secure Cyber-Physical Systems
Jun 2024 Mitigation Ontology for Analysis of Safety-Critical Systems
Feb 2024 Tiny Twins for detecting cyber-attacks at runtime using concise Rebeca time transition
Jan 2024 Assessing Risk of AR and Organizational Changes Factors in Socio-technical Robotic Manufacturing
Jan 2024 Selective Trimmed Average: A Resilient Federated Learning Algorithm With Deterministic Guarantees on the Optimality Approximation
Latest and upcoming events:
Mar 2019 IDT Open Seminar - Exact Schedulability Analysis for Cyber-Physical Systems
Apr 2018 IDT Open Seminar: Reachability Issues in Hybrid Systems
Apr 2018 DPAC seminar - Mohammad Loni
Latest News:
Oct 2017 New member Mohammad Loni joins DPAC
Aug 2017 Moris Behnam´s Associate Professor lecture (Docentföreläsning)
Jun 2016 Luciana Provenzano - New postdoc in DPAC