Robbert Jongeling, Doctoral student

Robbert is a PhD student at Mälardalen University since March 2018. He received his master degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology in 2016. 

His research area is industrial application of model-based development. His research interests include industrial adoption of agile MBD, consistency checking, and model evolution.

Robbert is a course assistant in the courses:
DVA332 Software Engineering 1 (Programvaruteknik 1)
DVA313 Software Engineering 2 (Programvaruteknik 2)
DVA436 Model-Driven Engineering (Modellbaserad utveckling)

Robberts research focuses on the combination of model-driven development and agile practices, in particular Continuous Integration. An encountered obstacle to doing this is the difficulty to keep consistency between different models in large environments. 

His research is funded by Software Center, an industry-academia collaboration aiming at improving the productivity of software development through accelerating the adoption of research results in industry. Within this collaboration, our research is in the theme of continuous architecture.