Jan Carlson, Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer

Jan Carlson is an associate professor at IDT. He received his M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Linköping University in 2000, and his doctoral degree from Mälardalen University in 2007 with the thesis entitled "Event Pattern Detection for Embedded Systems".

His current research focuses on component- and model based development of embedded systems, addressing areas such as architectural decision support, allocation optimization, model-level timing analysis, and code generation. Other research interests include event pattern detection, and analysis of shared stack usage.

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Latest publications:

Architecture optimization: Speed or accuracy? Both! (Oct 2016)
Federico Ciccozzi, Juraj Feljan, Jan Carlson, Ivica Crnkovic
Software Quality Journal (Springer) (SQJ)

Configuration-aware Contracts (Sep 2016)
Irfan Sljivo, Barbara Gallina, Jan Carlson, Hans Hansson
4th International Workshop on Assurance Cases for Software-intensive Systems (ASSURE2016)

A Method to Generate Reusable Safety Case Argument-Fragments from Compositional Safety Analysis (Jul 2016)
Irfan Sljivo, Barbara Gallina, Jan Carlson, Hans Hansson, Stefano Puri
Journal of Systems and Software: Special Issue on Software Reuse (SR-JSS 2016)

Preemption Point Selection in Limited Preemptive Scheduling using Probabilistic Preemption Costs (Jul 2016)
Filip Markovic, Jan Carlson, Radu Dobrin
28th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems (ECRTS'16)

Extending the Rubus Component Model with GPU-aware Components (Apr 2016)
Gabriel Campeanu, Jan Carlson, Séverine Sentilles, Saad Mubeen
19th International Symposium on Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE'16)

A Context Model for Architectural Decision Support (Apr 2016)
Jan Carlson, Efi Papatheocharous , Kai Petersen
1st Workshop on decision Making in Software ARCHitecture (MARCH2016)

PhD students supervised as main supervisor:

Filip Markovic
Gabriel Campeanu

PhD students supervised as assistant supervisor:

Ana Petricic (former)
Irfan Sljivo
Luka Lednicki (former)

MSc theses supervised (or examined):
Thesis TitleStatus
Data and control flow analysis for industrial systems developed in IEC 61499 available
Multi-core modelling for vehicular embedded systems: a mapping study. available
A Quality-driven approach to architect software design in progress
Master thesis: Versionshantering i industriella miljöer in progress
A comparative study of responsive web design frameworks in security vulnerability finished
A Framework for Data Mining and Events Correlation on Telecommunication System Logs finished
A migration method for legacy mobile applications finished
Application for debugging and calibration of an underwater robot finished
Data dependency analysis in industrial systems finished
En studie kring komponentisering av legacysystem och dess fördelar finished
Enhancing the consistency between requirements and test cases through the definition of a Controlled Natural Language finished
Ett intranetbaserat system för dokumentationshantering finished
Flervägs dataanalysator för seriell data finished
From the Object Constraint Language Standard Library to C++ finished
Improving a Graphical Turntable Simulator finished
Integrating an event detection algebra in C# finished
Model-Driven Engineering for Mobile Robot Systems: A Systematic Mapping Study finished
Modernisering av Javabaserade webbapplikationer finished
On-board Diagnostics Framework finished
ProCom middleware finished
The Progress run-time architecture finished
Visual Studio add-in to add a logging service to COM components for smart devices finished
A lightweight analysis framework for Progress IDE on-hold
A Real-Time Java realization of the ProCom component model on-hold
Intranet solutions for large companies using SharePoint on-hold
Simulation-based optimization of dual non-crossing stacking cranes on-hold
Synthesizing Activation and Local Interactions of ProCom Components on-hold
Synthesizing Instantiation and Local Interactions of ProCom Components on-hold