Markus Bohlin, Docent, Research Leader (not working at IDT anymore)

Markus Bohlin is the leader of the Industrial Efficiency (IND-E) focus area at SICS. He received his PhD at Mälardalen University in 2009; the topic of his thesis was practical combinatorial optimization problems in industry. In 2013 he was appointed as Associate Professor (Docent) in Computer Science at Mälardalen University, where he is also supervising three PhD students. He currently serves as the president of the Swedish Operations Research Association.

His research interests are in the real-world application of optimization methods and operations research to industrial processes, in particular to railways, embedded software verification and validation, and industrial maintenance. His work has been published in more than 25 conference proceedings and journals. Two core algorithms he designed have been successfully deployed in industry.

Markus currently serve as reviewer for six scientific journals, and is on the program committee for two conferences. He has been on the organization committee for the annual Industrial Efficiency conference since 2009. In 2013, he served as the main organizer and program chair for the joint Swedish Operations Research Conference and the 6th Nordic Optimization Symposium (SOAK/NOS6 2013) in Gothenburg, Sweden.

 Research interests:

  • Optimization
  • Analytics
  • Applications

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Latest publications:

Machine Learning to Guide Performance Testing: An Autonomous Test Framework (Apr 2019)
Mahshid Helali Moghadam, Mehrdad Saadatmand, Markus Borg , Markus Bohlin, Björn Lisper
ICST Workshop on Testing Extra-Functional Properties and Quality Characteristics of Software Systems (ITEQS'19)

Automated Functional Dependency Detection Between Test Cases Using Doc2Vec and Clustering (Apr 2019)
Sahar Tahvili, Leo Hatvani, Michael Felderer , Wasif Afzal, Markus Bohlin
The First IEEE International Conference On Artificial Intelligence Testing (AI Testing)

sOrTES: A Supportive Tool for Stochastic Scheduling of Manual Integration Test Cases (Jan 2019)
Sahar Tahvili, Rita Pimentel , Wasif Afzal, Marcus Ahlberg , Eric Fornander , Markus Bohlin
Journal of IEEE Access (ACCESS)

ESPRET: A Tool for Execution Time Estimation of Manual Test Cases (Sep 2018)
Sahar Tahvili, Wasif Afzal, Mehrdad Saadatmand, Markus Bohlin, Sharvathul Hasan Ameerjan
Journal of Systems and Software (JSS)

Functional Dependency Detection for Integration Test Cases (Jul 2018)
Sahar Tahvili, Marcus Ahlberg , Eric Fornander , Wasif Afzal, Mehrdad Saadatmand, Markus Bohlin, Mahdi Sarabi
The 18th IEEE International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability and Security (QRS18)

Cluster-Based Test Scheduling Strategies Using Semantic Relationships between Test Specifications (Jun 2018)
Sahar Tahvili, Leo Hatvani, Michael Felderer , Wasif Afzal, Mehrdad Saadatmand, Markus Bohlin
5th International Workshop on Requirements Engineering and Testing (RET'18)

PhD students supervised as main supervisor:

Kivanc Doganay
Mahshid Helali Moghadam
Sara Gestrelius (former)

MSc theses supervised (or examined):
Thesis TitleStatus
Simulation-based optimization of dual non-crossing stacking cranes on-hold