SYNOPSIS - Safety Analysis for Predictable Software Intensive Systems
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Manager: Hans Hansson
Duration: Sep 2011 - Aug 2016
Publications: 97
Research groups:
Complex Real-Time Embedded Systems
Dependable Software Engineering
Industrial Software Engineering
Programming Languages
Real-Time Systems Design
Safety-Critical Engineering
Software Testing Laboratory
Related projects:
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SYNOPSIS is targeting increased efficiency and reduced time-to-market by composable safety certification of safety-relevant embedded systems. The fundamental approach is built upon new disciplinary research in component contracts, parameterized verification, and behavioural interference analysis, together with system-oriented research on safety case argumentations, co-development processes and provision of evidences based on testing of system robustness. The resulting efficiency and reduced time to market will increase competitiveness and pave the way for a cross-domain market for software components qualified for certification.

The industrial domains targeted are within heavy-vehicles, construction equipment, avionics, and rail, and suitable use cases from industrial partners will form the backbone of the demonstrator planned.

Latest Publications:
Jun 2018 Using Safety Contracts to Verify Design Assumptions During Runtime
Oct 2017 AQAT: The Architecture Quality Assurance Tool for Critical Embedded Systems
Oct 2017 Experience Report: Evaluating Fault Detection Effectiveness and Resource Efficiency of the Architecture Quality Assurance Framework and Tool
Sep 2017 Using Safety Contracts to Guide the Maintenance of Systems and Safety Cases
Apr 2017 Using Safety Contracts to Guide the Maintenance of Systems and Safety Cases: An Example
Latest and upcoming events:
Oct 2018 Assurance Aware Contract-Based Design for Safety-Critical Systems
Sep 2016 An ALARP stop-test Decision for the worst case Timing characteristics of safety-critical systems
May 2016 Bugs and Debugging of Concurrent and Multicore Software
Jun 2015 IDT Open Seminar: Dynamic Reasoning for Safety Assurance
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