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Doctoral Thesis (1)

Improving Differential Evolution with Adaptive and Local Search Methods (Dec 2019)
Miguel Leon Ortiz

Licentiate Thesis (1)

Enhancing differential evolution algorithm for solving continuous optimisation problems (Dec 2016)
Miguel Leon Ortiz

Book (1)

Advances in computational science and computing (Dec 2018)
Ning Xiong, Xiao Zheng, Tong Zhao
Advances in computational science and computing (ACSC)

Book chapter (1)

Adaptive Differential Evolution Supports Automatic Model Calibration in Furnace Optimized Control System (Jan 2017)
Miguel Leon Ortiz, Magnus Evestedt , Ning Xiong
Computational Intelligence (CI)

Collection (Editor) (2)

Extracting knowledge from sensor signals for case-based reasoning with longitudinal time series data (Jan 2008)
Peter Funk, Ning Xiong
Case-Based Reasoning in Signals and Images. Book chapter: Extracting knowledge from sensor signals for case-based reasoning with longitudinal time series data.

Identifying flexible structured premises for mining concise fuzzy knowledge. (Jan 2003)
Ning Xiong, Lothar Litz
Interpretability issues in fuzzy modeling

Journal article (35)

BELIEF: A distance-based redundancy-proof feature selection method for Big Data (Feb 2021)
D. López, Sergio Ramírez-Gallego, Salvador García, Ning Xiong, Francisco Herrera
Information Sciences (INS21)

Interval Number-Based Safety Reasoning Method for Verification of Decentralized Power Systems in High-Speed Trains (Jan 2021)
Peng Wu, Ning Xiong, Jinzhao Wu
Mathematical problems in engineering (MPE21)

Adaptive differential evolution with a new joint parameter adaptation method (Jul 2020)
Miguel Leon Ortiz, Ning Xiong
Soft Computing (SC20)

A Novel Memetic Framework for Enhancing Differential Evolution Algorithms via Combination with Alopex Local Search (Aug 2019)
Miguel Leon Ortiz, Ning Xiong, Francisco Herrera , Daniel Molina
International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems (IJCIS19)

Improved Vine Copula-Based Dependence Description for Multivariate Process Monitoring based on Ensemble Learning (Feb 2019)
Yang Zhou, Shaojun Li, Ning Xiong
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (IECR'19)

Editorial: Bridging nature-inspired learning and neural information processing (Aug 2016)
Ning Xiong, Defu Zhang
Neural Processing Letters (NPL-44-1)

Adapting differential evolution algorithms for continuous optimization via greedy adjustment of control parameters (Jul 2016)
Miguel Leon Ortiz, Ning Xiong
Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, 2016 (JAISCR-16)

Differential evolution enhanced with eager random search for solving real-parameter optimization problems (Dec 2015)
Miguel Leon Ortiz, Ning Xiong
International Journal of Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence, 2015 (IJARAI-15)

A walk into metaheuristics for engineering optimization: principles, methods and recent trends (Jun 2015)
Ning Xiong, Daniel Molina , Miguel Leon Ortiz, Francisco Herrera
International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems, 2015 (IJCIS-15)

A new case-based reasoning method based on dissimilar relations (Jul 2014)
Ning Xiong
WSEAS Transactions on Systems (WT-SYS-13)

Case-Based Reasoning for Explaining Probabilistic Machine Learning (Apr 2014)
Tomas Olsson, Daniel Gillblad, Peter Funk, Ning Xiong
International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology (IJCSIT)

Case-based reasoning supports fault diagnosis using sensor information (Dec 2013)
Ning Xiong, Tomas Olsson, Peter Funk
International Journal of COMADEM, 2013 (IJ'COMADEM-2013)

Fuzzy Rule-Based Similarity Model Enables Learning from Small Case Bases (Jun 2013)
Ning Xiong
Applied Soft Computing (ASC)

Editorial: Special Issue on "Recent Advances in Intelligent Techniques" (Mar 2013)
Yongmin Li , Ning Xiong, Haiying Wang , Lipo Wang
International Journal of Intelligent Systems (IJIS-28-3)

Learning fuzzy Rules for similarity assessment in case-based reasoning (Dec 2011)
Ning Xiong
Expert Systems with Applications

Towards coherent matching in case-based classification (Dec 2011)
Ning Xiong
Cybernetics and Systems

A Multi-Module Case Based Biofeedback System for Stress Treatment (Feb 2011)
Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Shahina Begum, Peter Funk, Ning Xiong, Bo von Schéele
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

A case-based approach to decision analysis (Ein Fallbasiertes Verfahren zur Beschlussanalysis) (Sep 2009)
Ning Xiong

A Case-Based Decision Support System for Individual Stress Diagnosis Using Fuzzy Similarity Matching (Aug 2009)
Shahina Begum, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Peter Funk, Ning Xiong, Bo von Schéele
Computational Intelligence (CI)

Case-based Reasoning for Diagnosis of Stress using Enhanced Cosine and Fuzzy Similarity (Oct 2008)
Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Shahina Begum, Peter Funk, Ning Xiong, Bo von Schéele
Transactions on Case-Based Reasoning on Multimedia Data

Concise case indexing of time series in health care by means of key sequence discovery (Jun 2008)
Ning Xiong, Peter Funk
Applied Intelligence

Agent negotiation of target distribution enhancing system survivability (Dec 2007)
Ning Xiong, Henrik Christensen , Per Svensson
International Journal of Intelligent Systems

Reactive tuning of target estimate accuracy in multisensor data fusion (Jan 2007)
Ning Xiong, Henrik Christensen , Per Svensson
Cybernetics and Systems

Case Based Reasoning and Knowledge Discovery in Medical Applications with Time Series (Nov 2006)
Peter Funk, Ning Xiong
Computational Intelligence

Building similarity metrics reflecting utility in case-based reasoning (Aug 2006)
Ning Xiong, Peter Funk
Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, guest editors: P. Funk, L. Spaanenburg

Construction of Fuzzy Knowledge Bases Incorporating Feature Selection (Jul 2006)
Ning Xiong, Peter Funk
Journal of Soft Computing - A Fusion of Foundations, Methodologies and Applications

Clinical decision-support for diagnosing stress-related disorders by applying psychophysiological medical knowledge to an instance-based learning system (Nov 2005)
Markus Nilsson, Peter Funk, Erik M. G. Olsson , Bo von Schéele, Ning Xiong
Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Fault Diagnosis in Industry Using Sensor Readings and Case-Based Reasoning (Dec 2004)
Ella Olsson, Peter Funk, Ning Xiong
Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems

Perception management: an emerging concept for information fusion (Jun 2003)
Ronnie Johansson , Ning Xiong
Information Fusion

Reduction of fuzzy control rules by means of premise learning -- method and case study (Oct 2002)
Ning Xiong, Lothar Litz
Fuzzy Sets and Systems

Learning premises of fuzzy rules for knowledge acquisition in classification problems. (Aug 2002)
Ning Xiong, Lothar Litz , Habtom Ressom
Knowledge and Information Systems

A hybrid approach to input selection for complex processes (Aug 2002)
Ning Xiong
IEEE Trans. Systems, Man, & Cybernetics, Part A

Sensor management for information fusion: issues and approaches (Apr 2002)
Ning Xiong, Per Svensson
Information Fusion

Evolutionary learning of rule premises for fuzzy modeling (Sep 2001)
Ning Xiong
International Journal of Systems Science

Learning rule structures of fuzzy controllers based on genetic algorithm (Apr 2000)
Ning Xiong
Systems Science

Conference/Workshop Paper (65)

Federated fuzzy learning with imbalanced data (Dec 2021)
Lukas Dust, Marina López Murcia, Petter Nordin , Andreas Mäkilä, Ning Xiong, Francisco Herrera
IEEE Conference on Machine Learning and Applications 2021 (ICMLA'21)

An Incremental fuzzy learning approach for online classification of data streams (Dec 2020)
Vladyslav Yavtukhovskyi, Rami Abukhader, Nils Tillaeus, Ning Xiong
12th International Conference on Soft Computing and Pattern Recognition 2020 (SoCPaR2020)

Intelligent traffic signal control based on reinforcement learning (Dec 2020)
Natalija Dokic, Miroljub Tomic, Jasmina Stevic, Dunja Dokic, Ning Xiong
International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications (ISDA2020)

Using differential evolution techniques for management of a hybrid-electric propulsion system (Nov 2020)
Manuel A. Rendon, Carlos D. Sanchez, Josselyn Gallo, Jose F. Garcia, Ning Xiong
Brazilian Conference on Automation (BCA20)

Quadratic difference set-based quorum generation algorithm in distributed system (Sep 2020)
Peng Wu, Ning Xiong, Jiqiang Liu, Jie Meng, Jinzhao Wu
2nd World Symposium on Software Engineering (WSSE20)

Impact of NSGA-II objectives on EEG feature selection related to motor imagery (Jan 2020)
Miguel Leon Ortiz, Christoffer Parkkila, Jonatan Tidare, Ning Xiong, Elaine Åstrand
Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 2020)

Smart Case Mining based on Membrane Clustering (Dec 2019)
Johan Holmberg, Ning Xiong
IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence 2019 (ISSCI19)

Self-Adaptation of the Smart Cane platform (Dec 2019)
Inmaculada Ayala, Joaquin Ballesteros, Juan Rafael Caro-Romero , Mercedes Amor , Lidia Fuentes
13th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient ‪Intelligence (UCAmI)

Online feature selection via deep reconstruction network (Jul 2019)
Johan Holmberg, Ning Xiong
International Conference on Harmony Search, Soft Computing and Applications 2019 (ICHSA19)

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