Call for Fast Abstracts

Fast Abstracts at SAFECOMP are short presentations, either on new ideas or work in progress, or opinion pieces that can address any issue relevant to dependable application of computers in safety-related and safety-critical systems. Because they are brief and have a later deadline, Fast Abstracts enable their authors to:
  • Summarize work that is not yet complete
  • Put forward novel or challenging ideas
  • State positions on controversial issues
  • Suggest new approaches to the solution of open problems

Thus, they provide an excellent opportunity to introduce new work, or present radical opinions, and receive early feedback from the community. Contributions are particularly solicited from industrial practitioners and academics that may not have been able to prepare full papers due to time and work pressures, but nevertheless seek an opportunity to engage with the SAFECOMP community.

Submission guidelines

Fast Abstracts should be two pages in length, must be formatted using standard 8.5"x11" two-column IEEE CPS format and must be submitted by the deadline of (July 2, 2018) July 11, 2018 (extended). Since there is no revision cycle, the submitted Fast Abstracts must be in PDF format and completely ready for printing. Abstracts should be submitted via email to

IEEE CPS format specification:

Selection and Notification

Fast Abstracts will not be refereed. Instead, the Fast Abstracts Chair and the Conference Program Chairs will lightly screen the submissions. The criteria for acceptance will be:
  • relevance and interest to the community,
  • their capacity to stimulate and intrigue the reader and
  • arrival time.

Therefore, authors are encouraged to send their submission in advance before the final deadline. By submitting a Fast Abstract, you are committing yourself or one of your colleagues to present it at the conference. Accepted contributions will be published as an abstract in the HAL repository, and an author will deliver a short talk in the Fast Abstracts session in the single conference track.

Decisions will be notified by (July 9th 2018) July 18th 2018.

Questions, comments and submissions should be sent to : Jérémie GUIOCHET *FastAbs chair* (LAAS-CNRS, France)