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LOOPS: A Holistic Control Approach for Resource Management in Cloud Computing (Apr 2021)
Auday Al-Dulaimy, Javid Taheri , Alessandro Papadopoulos, Thomas Nolte
12th ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE 2021)

bwSlicer: A bandwidth slicing framework for cloud data centers (Nov 2020)
Auday Al-Dulaimy, Wassim Itani , Javid Taheri , Maha Shamseddine
Future Generation Computer Systems (FGCS)

MultiScaler: A Multi-Loop Auto-Scaling Approach for Cloud-Based Applications (Oct 2020)
Auday Al-Dulaimy, Javid Taheri , Andreas Kassler , M. Reza H. Farahabady , Shuiguang Deng , Albert Zomaya
IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (TCC)

Introduction to Edge Computing (Jun 2020)
Auday Al-Dulaimy, Yogesh Sharma , Michel Gokan Khan , Javid Taheri

Open Source Projects for Edge Computing (Jun 2020)
Michel Gokan Khan , Auday Al-Dulaimy, Mohammad Ali Khoshkholghi , Javid Taheri

Privacy-Aware Job Submission in the Cloud (Nov 2019)
Auday Al-Dulaimy, Wassim Itani , Maha Shamseddine , Javid Taheri
The 2nd IEEE Middle East and North Africa communications conference (MENACOMM'19)