Alessandro Papadopoulos, Associate Professor, Docent

I am currently an Associate Professor (Docent) in Computer Science, Systems and Control at MDH, and I work in the area of complex real-time embedded systems.

I was a Postdoctoral Research Assistant at the Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria at the Politecnico di Milano. Before, I was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Automatic Control at the Lund University. I was also a member of Lund Center for Control of Complex Engineering Systems (LCCC).

I was a PhD Fellow in the Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione at Politecnico di Milano and my main research interest were on model simplification techniques for continuous and discontinuous systems.

Keywords: Feedback Computing, Cloud Computing, Real-time and embedded systems, Control Theory


My research topics include the application of control theory to the design and implementation of computing systems, especially in the context of real-time and cloud computing systems. In addition, I am also intereste in modeling and control of interconnected systems in presence of uncertainty.

I am particularly interested in autonomic and self-adaptive systems, in different areas of computer science and software engineering.

I am currently involved in the Future factories in the cloud project, investigating novel feedback-based methodologies for resource allocation in cloud systems, and virtualization technologies.

I am also involved SLA-IoT: Ensuring Quality of Service through Modeling of Service-level Agreements in Industrial IoT, investigating SLA models and management techniques for industrial IoT applications. This project is funded by the Software Center.

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Latest publications:

Elasticity (Jan 2019)
Vincenzo Gulisano , Marina Papatriantafilou , Alessandro Papadopoulos
Encyclopedia of Big Data Technologies (EncyclopediaBDT)

Switched control for quantized feedback systems: invariance and limit cycles analysis (Dec 2018)
Alessandro Papadopoulos, Federico Terraneo , Alberto Leva , Maria Prandini
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (TAC)

Challenges in High Performance Big Data Frameworks (Jul 2018)
Alessandro Papadopoulos, Martina Maggio
4th International Workshop on Autonomic High Performance Computing (AHPC 2018)

AdaptMC: A Control-Theoretic Approach for Achieving Resilience in Mixed-Criticality Systems (Jul 2018)
Alessandro Papadopoulos, Enrico Bini , Sanjoy Baruah , Alan Burns
30th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems (ECRTS18)

Progress Rate Control for Computer Applications (Jun 2018)
Alberto Leva , Silvano Seva , Alessandro Papadopoulos
17th annual European Control Conference (ECC18)

A Time-Predictable Fog-Integrated Cloud Framework: One Step Forward in the Deployment of a Smart Factory (May 2018)
Hamid Reza Faragardi, Saed Dehnavi , Mehdi Kargahi , Alessandro Papadopoulos, Thomas Nolte
CSI International Symposium on Real-Time and Embedded Systems and Technologies (REST'18)

PhD students supervised as assistant supervisor:

Hamid Reza Faragardi (former)
Vaclav Struhar