Mohammad Ashjaei, Assistant Professor

Mohammad Ashjaei has received his PhD degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Mälardalen University (MDH) in November 2016. His doctoral dissertation is titled "Real-Time Communication over Switched Ethernet with Resource Reservation". Since January 1st 2017 he is an assistant professor (forskarassistent) at MDH in the area of data communication. Currently he is involved in the Future Factories in the Cloud project as well as in the XPRES project. In both projects his main role is to investigate novel methods in using cloud services for industrial settings. Mohammad is also involved in many bachelor and master courses, including Data Communication for Embedded Systems I & II, Embedded Systems I & II, Project in Embedded Systems and distance courses for data communication.

Mohammad was a visiting researcher for one month at Aveiro University in Portugal in 2013. During that time he has also visited Porto University in Portugal. Mohammad was a reviewer and subreviewer for many prominent journals and conferences including RTS journal, WFCS, RTCSA, RTSS, ETFA and ECRT conferences. He gave several lectures in the area of real-time embedded systems at several universities including Mälardalen University, Porto University, Aveiro University and Eindhoven University. Mohammad's main reserach interests include distributed embedded systems, real-time systems, scheduling algorithms, schedulability analyses, resource reservation in embedded systems, simulations and implementing tools to support the research.

Mohammad's main research interests are real-time systems, real-time distributed systems, scheduling algorithms on networks and processors, schedulability analyses, resource reservation, reconfiguration mechanisms. Moreover, he is interested in Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing for factory, reservation mechanisms in cloud computing and admission controls. He is also interested in implementing tools to support the mentiond research. 

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Latest publications:

On Incorporating Security Parameters in Service Level Agreements (May 2019)
Aida Causevic, Elena Lisova, Mohammad Ashjaei, Syed Usman Ashgar
The 9th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science (CLOSER2019)

Service Level Agreements for Safe and Configurable Production Environments (Sep 2018)
Mohammad Ashjaei, Kester Clegg , Lorenzo Corneo , Richard Hawkins , Omar Jaradat, Vincenzo Gulisano , Yiannis Nikolakopoulos
International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation - Work in Progress Session (ETFA-WiP'18)

Designing a Bandwidth Management Scheme for Heterogeneous Virtualized Networks (Sep 2018)
Svetlana Girs, Mohammad Ashjaei
International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation - Work in Progress Session (ETFA-WiP'18)

Management of Service Level Agreements for Cloud Services in IoT: A Systematic Mapping Study (Jun 2018)
Saad Mubeen, Sara Abbaspour Asadollah, Alessandro Papadopoulos, Mohammad Ashjaei, Hongyu Pei-Breivold, Moris Behnam
Journal of IEEE Access (ACCESS)

An Independent yet Efficient Analysis of Bandwidth Reservation for Credit-Based Shaping (Jun 2018)
Jingyue Cao , Mohammad Ashjaei, Pieter J.L. Cuijpers , Reinder J. Bril, Johan Lukkien
International Workshop on Factory Communication Systems (WFCS'18)

Resource Management and Control in Virtualized SDN Networks (May 2018)
Simone Aglianò , Mohammad Ashjaei, Moris Behnam, Lucia Lo Bello
CSI International Symposium on Real-Time and Embedded Systems and Technologies (REST'18)