INTERCONNECT: Integrated Time Sensitive Networking and Legacy Communications in Predictable Vehicle-platforms



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The functionality advancements, innovation and novel features in modern vehicles require numerous high data-rate sensors (e.g. lidars). These sensors generate hundreds of megabytes of data per second that needs to be communicated among onboard computers with predictable low latencies. The emerging IEEE Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) standards provide a promising solution to address these requirements. TSN provides a high-speed and low-latency backbone onboard network that can connect to legacy communication devices and subsystems. This project embraces the novel possibility of seamlessly integrating TSN and low-cost legacy onboard communications to create an attractive solution for next-generation vehicles. Alas, the state-of-the-art lacks a holistic model-based software development and timing verification framework for these integrated onboard communications. The vehicle industry also lacks a model-based software development tool-chain to utilize these integrated onboard communications. The aim of INTERCONNECT is to develop novel techniques, frameworks, industrial tool prototypes and demonstrators for holistic model-based development of vehicular software functions on predictable platforms that use seamlessly integrated TSN and legacy onboard communications. The benefits for the vehicle industry include cost-efficient system development, better quality of developed functions to lower costs, better management and use of expensive and scarce computing and communication resources. A major trait of the project consortium is that it offers a clear value chain initiating from academia (MDH); through a tools developer (Arcticus Systems); and finally, to an end user of the technology (HIAB).

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