Sigrid Eldh, Lecturer

I started at Uppsala University 1981 where I took my Masters in Computer Science(DVL) as well as some other courses (pedagogical, judicial, economy, pedagogy, english). Also worked with creating courses in Operating systems, programming languages (Pascal), New Systems & Architectures and Databases. Started my own company 84. After several jobs I have ended up at Ericsson (started -94). Worked at HP in Melbourne(OZ) 96-97 and back at Ericsson in differnt positions. I have a genuine interest for software testing and verification, processes, methods, techniques, quality, measurement,improvements, leadership, personal development and management.

Software Test Design (Test design techniques) Efficiency, Effectiveness and Applicability - meaning test automation, fault-failure, etc.

PhD students supervised as assistant supervisor:

Kivanc Doganay
Kristian Wiklund (former)
Marcus Jägemar