Anna Friebe, Doctoral student

Anna is a PhD student at Mälardalen University since 2019. 

Since receiving her MSc in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering from Linköping University in 1998, she has worked as a Software Engineer in medical imaging, virtual reality and medical treatment planning, and as project manager in an autonomous sailboat project at Åland UAS.

 Her research focus is probabilistic methods in timing analysis of real-time systems within the project PARIS, mainly concerning execution time distributions as Markov Models.

Anna is course responsible for DVA245, Data Structrures, Algorithms and Program Development with Python.

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Latest publications:

Identification and Validation of Markov Models with Continuous Emission Distributions for Execution Times (Aug 2020)
Anna Friebe, Alessandro Papadopoulos, Thomas Nolte
IEEE International Conference on Embedded and Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications (RTCSA'20)

Work-in-Progress: Validation of Probabilistic Timing Models of a Periodic Task With Interference - A Case Study (Apr 2020)
Anna Friebe, Alessandro Papadopoulos, Thomas Nolte
40th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS'19) (RTSS 2019)

Work-In-Progress: Probabilistic Timing Analysis of a Periodic Task on a Microcontroller (Oct 2019)
Jonathan Thörn , Najda Vidimlic , Anna Friebe, Alessandro Papadopoulos, Thomas Nolte
The 24th IEEE Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA2019)

Rigid wing sailboats: A state of the art survey (Sep 2019)
Manuel F Silva , Anna Friebe, Benedita Malheiro , Pedro Guedes , Paulo Ferreira , Matias Waller

Situational Awareness and Obstacle Avoidance for a Wind Propelled Marine Research ASV (May 2018)
Anna Friebe, Giammarco René Casanova , Maël Le Gallic , Clement Rolinat , Matias Waller

Voter Based Control System for Collision Avoidance and Sailboat Navigation (Feb 2018)
Jordan Less’ard-Springett , Anna Friebe, Maël Le Gallic