Nesredin Mahmud, Doctoral student

Nesredin is a PhD student at the Networked and Embedded Systems (NES) division/IDT, Mälardalen Univerisity, Sweden. His research area is on formal specification, modeling, and analysis of embedded systems, with particuar focus on improving usability and scalability of formal techniques applications. He studied Intellignet Embedded System master program at Mälardalen Univerisity in 2013, completing his thesis on Distributed Industrial Application for Virtualized Multicore Framework at ABB Corporate Research Center, Västerås.



My domain of research is on applications of formal methods for the specification, analysis and verification of embedded systems. He has conducted an empirical study at Volvo regarding the challenges of requirements specification for automotive systems, which resulted the ReSA framework - a constrained natural language and a tool chain, based on Ontology, Type System, Boolean Satisfiability.

He has also researched on formal analysis of Simulink models using Statistical Model Checking for large models. Nesredin is interested in model-based development, timed systems, hybrid systems, design space exploration, software allocation, distributed systems, and virtualization in the domain of embedded systems/cyber physical systems.

Lab Assistatance


Software Tools

  • ReSA Tool Chain ( Requirements Specification and Analysis)
  • PALMYS (Parser for Simulink MDL files)
  • SIMPPAAL Tool, by Predrag Filipovikj